Microwave Photonics

From Components to Applications and Systems

  • Anne Vilcot
  • Béatrice Cabon
  • Jean Chazelas

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. F. Deborgies, F. Brillouet, J. G. McInerney, P. R. Herczfeld, J. C. Simon, M. Varasi et al.
    Pages 3-133
  3. I. Darwazeh, R. Lefèvre, M. Schaller, Ph. Duême, C. Fourdin, P. Nicole et al.
    Pages 135-163
  4. I. Montrosset, G. Perrone, D. Breuer, D. Hewitt, I. Koltchanov, A. J. Lowery et al.
    Pages 165-208
  5. D. Wake, P. Lane, M. Joindot, J. F. Cadiou, P. Jaffré, E. Pénard et al.
    Pages 209-373
  6. R. D. Esman, S. Gevorgian, L. R. Pendrill, A. Alping, B. Cabon, V. Girod et al.
    Pages 375-573

About this book


Microwave Photonics: from Components to Applications and Systems deals with the rapidly growing area of Microwave Photonics, and includes an extended study of the interactions between optical signals and microwave (f > 1GHz) and millimeter-wave (f > 30 GHz) electrical signals for broadband applications. Today, the large development of photonic devices and technologies leads to an ever-increasing interest in this cross-disciplinary field. This book covers all aspects of the field of microwave photonics, including components, modeling methods, circuits and broadband systems for a wide variety of applications, such as telecommunications, radar and wireless systems.
The authors of the topics presented in this book include key-note specialists from Europe, Israel, and the United States.


LED Laser Modulator Planar Radar Transistor VCSEL integrated circuit metal semiconductor field-effect transistor micro-alloy transistor, MAT optics optoelectronics photonics semiconductor single-electron transistor

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  • Anne Vilcot
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  • Béatrice Cabon
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  • Jean Chazelas
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  2. 2.Thales Airborne SystemFrance

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