Effective and Efficient Organisations?

Government Export Promotion in Germany and the UK from an Organisational Economics Perspective

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  • Iris A. Hauswirth

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Using organisational economics theory, the author develops a conceptual framework for analysing the effectiveness and efficiency of public services delivery. In applying the framework to case studies of export support organisations in Germany and the UK , the research establishes the causal links between organisational structures and outputs. The decisive variables are knowledge and incentives of the actors, and adaptability of the organisation. Since there are trade-offs between the variables, the findings help to explain why one organisation may be different from, but equally effective and efficient as another, and why, despite ongoing re-structuring of public and private sector organisations, no panacea for an effective and efficient organisation has been found. The analytical framework also provides a means for examining existing organisations and blueprints of future organisations, allowing for conclusions about improvability and the implications of change.


Export Promotion Germany Government Export Promotion Organisational Economics Trade Fair Support United Kingdom design economics efficiency organization research service trade value-at-risk

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