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Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing

IPPS '97 Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, April 5, 1997, Proceedings

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 1291)

Conference series link(s): JSSPP: Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing

Conference proceedings info: JSSPP 1997.

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Table of contents (13 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Theory and practice in parallel job scheduling

    • Dror G. Feitelson, Larry Rudolph, Uwe Schwiegelshohn, Kenneth C. Sevcik, Parkson Wong
    Pages 1-34
  3. Memory usage in the LANL CM-5 workload

    • Dror G. Feitelson
    Pages 78-94
  4. Modeling of workload in MPPs

    • Joefon Jann, Pratap Pattnaik, Hubertus Franke, Fang Wang, Joseph Skovira, Joseph Riordan
    Pages 95-116
  5. PScheD Political scheduling on the CRAY T3E

    • Richard N. Lagerstrom, Stephan K. Gipp
    Pages 117-138
  6. Implementing multiprocessor scheduling disciplines

    • Eric W. Parsons, Kenneth C. Sevcik
    Pages 166-192
  7. Implications of I/O for gang scheduled workloads

    • Walter Lee, Matthew Frank, Victor Lee, Kenneth Mackenzie, Larry Rudolph
    Pages 215-237
  8. Improved utilization and responsiveness with gang scheduling

    • Dror G. Feitelson, Morris A. Jettee
    Pages 238-261
  9. Global state detection using network preemption

    • Atsushi Hori, Hiroshi Tezuka, Yutaka Ishikawa
    Pages 262-276
  10. Performance evaluation of gang scheduling for parallel and distributed multiprogramming

    • Fang Wang, Marios Papaefthymiou, Mark Squillante
    Pages 277-298
  11. Back Matter

Other Volumes

  1. Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing

About this book

This book constitutes the strictly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the 1997 IPPS Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing held in Geneva, Switzerland, in April 1997, as a satelite meeting of the IEEE/CS International Parallel Processing Symposium.
The 12 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and revised for inclusion in the book. Also included is a detailed introduction surveying the state of the art in the area. Among the topics covered are processor allocation, parallel scheduling, massively parallel processing, shared-memory architectures, gang scheduling, etc.


  • Scheduling
  • algorithm
  • algorithms
  • job scheduling
  • load balancing
  • modeling
  • multiprocessor architectures
  • networking
  • parallel scheduling
  • processor
  • programming
  • algorithm analysis and problem complexity

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Softcover Book USD 99.00
Price excludes VAT (USA)