Table of contents

  1. Henrik André-Jönsson, Dushan Z. Badal
    Pages 211-220
  2. Amihood Amir, Ronen Feldman, Reuven Kashi
    Pages 221-231
  3. Jan C. Bioch, Onno van der Meer, Rob Potharst
    Pages 232-242
  4. Rüdiger Wirth, Colin Shearer, Udo Grimmer, Thomas Reinartz, Jörg Schlösser, Christoph Breitner et al.
    Pages 243-253
  5. Sinh Hoa Nguyen, Andrzej Skowron
    Pages 265-276
  6. Friedrich Gebhardt
    Pages 277-287
  7. Eric Boudaillier, Georges Hébrail
    Pages 288-298
  8. A. M. Manning, J. A. Keane, A. Brass, C. A. Goble
    Pages 315-322
  9. Robert J. Watts, Alan L. Porter, Scott Cunningham, Donghua Zhu
    Pages 323-334
  10. Mikhail Moshkov
    Pages 335-342
  11. Helena Ahonen, Oskari Heinonen, Mika Klemettinen, A. Inkeri Verkamo
    Pages 343-350
  12. Anders Torvill Bjorvand
    Pages 351-358
  13. Nguyen Hung Son, Marcin S. Szczuka, Dominik Ślezak
    Pages 359-366
  14. Ning Zhong, Setsuo Ohsuga, Chunnian Liu, Yoshitsugu Kakemoto, Xiaodong Zhang
    Pages 367-375
  15. Zhou Yuanhui, Lu Yuchang, Shi Chunyi
    Pages 376-383
  16. Mohamed Quafafou, Moussa Boussouf
    Pages 384-392

Other volumes

  1. 9th European Conference on Machine Learning Prague, Czech Republic, April 23–25, 1997 Proceedings
  2. Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
    First European Symposium, PKDD '97 Trondheim, Norway, June 24–27, 1997 Proceedings

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First European Symposium on Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, PKDD '97, held in Trondheim, Norway, in June 1997.
The volume presents a total of 38 revised full papers together with abstracts of one invited talk and four tutorials. Among the topics covered are data and knowledge representation, statistical and probabilistic methods, logic-based approaches, man-machine interaction aspects, AI contributions, high performance computing support, machine learning, automated scientific discovery, quality assessment, and applications.


Performance artificial intelligence data mining knowledge knowledge discovery knowledge representation learning machine learning

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