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Rewriting Techniques and Applications

7th International Conference, RTA-96, New Brunswick, NJ, USA July 27 - 30, 1996. Proceedings


Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 1103)

Conference series link(s): RTA: International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications

Conference proceedings info: RTA 1996.

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Table of contents (37 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Fine-grained concurrent completion

    • Claude Kirchner, Christopher Lynch, Christelle Scharff
    Pages 3-17
  3. AC-complete unification and its application to theorem proving

    • Alexandre Boudet, Evelyne Contejean, Claude Marché
    Pages 18-32
  4. Symideal Gröbner bases

    • Manfred Göbel
    Pages 48-62
  5. Termination of constructor systems

    • Thomas Arts, Jürgen Giesl
    Pages 63-77
  6. Dummy elimination in equational rewriting

    • M. C. F. Ferreira
    Pages 78-92
  7. On proving termination by innermost termination

    • Bernhard Gramlich
    Pages 93-107
  8. A recursive path ordering for higher-order terms in η-long β-normal form

    • Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Albert Rubio
    Pages 108-122
  9. Higher-order narrowing with definitional trees

    • Michael Hanus, Christian Prehofer
    Pages 138-152
  10. Design of a proof assistant

    • Gérard Huet
    Pages 153-153
  11. On the power of simple diagrams

    • Roberto Di Cosmo
    Pages 200-214
  12. Coherence for sharing proof nets

    • S. Guerrini, S. Martini, A. Masini
    Pages 215-229
  13. Modularity of termination in term graph rewriting

    • M. R. K. Krishna Rao
    Pages 230-244
  14. Confluence of terminating conditional rewrite systems revisited

    • Bernhard Gramlich, Claus-Peter Wirth
    Pages 245-259

Other Volumes

  1. Rewriting Techniques and Applications

About this book

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications, RTA-96, held in New Brunswick, NJ, USA, in July 1996.
The 27 revised full papers presented in this volume were selected from a total of 84 submissions, also included are six system descriptions and abstracts of three invited papers. The topics covered include analysis of term rewriting systems, string and graph rewriting, rewrite-based theorem proving, conditional term rewriting, higher-order rewriting, unification, symbolic and algebraic computation, and efficient implementation of rewriting on sequential and parallel machines.


  • Automatische Deduktion
  • Ersetzungssysteme
  • Höherstufige Logiken
  • automated deduction
  • graph rewriting
  • higher-order logics
  • proving
  • rewriting systems
  • term rewriting
  • theorem proving

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Softcover Book USD 119.00
Price excludes VAT (USA)