Table of contents

  1. Marek Kurzynski, Michal Wozniak, Alexandra Blinowska
    Pages 405-406
  2. Ian McClelland, Ken Adamson, Norman Black
    Pages 409-410
  3. Vincenzo Della Mea, Nicoletta Finato, Carlo Alberto Beltrami
    Pages 413-414
  4. Alessandro Taddei, Manila Niccolai, Mauro Raciti, Claudio Michelassi, Michele Emdin, Paolo Marzullo et al.
    Pages 415-416
  5. Salzsieder E., Fischer U., Hierle A., Oppel U., Rutscher A., Sell C.
    Pages 417-418
  6. Keller F., Arnold R., Frankewitsch T., Zellner D., Giehl M.
    Pages 419-420
  7. Eleni Christodoulou
    Pages 421-422
  8. Ultsch A., Korus D., Kleine T. O.
    Pages 425-426
  9. Frank Puppe, Bettina Reinhardt, Klaus Poeck
    Pages 427-428
  10. R. Fiocchi, A. Gamba, R. Pizzi, F. Sicurello
    Pages 435-436
  11. G. Zeilinger, J. De Mey, G. Gell, G. Vrisk
    Pages 437-438
  12. Sell C., Herfurth S., Rutscher A., Salzsieder E., Hierle A., Oppel U. et al.
    Pages 441-442
  13. R. Anselmi, G. Paoli, G. Ghiso, F. Foppiano, R. Martinelli, L. Andreucci
    Pages 443-443

About these proceedings


This volume presents the proceedings of the 5th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Europe, AIME '95, held in Pavia, Italy in June 1995.
The volume contains 32 full refereed selected papers contributed by researchers and professionals coming from computer science departments, medical informatics departments, and hospitals; in addition there are the keynote address and 28 poster presentations. The volume is organized in topical sections on medical records, temporal reasoning and simulation, probabilistic models, patient management and therapy planning, evaluation of knowledge-based systems, diagnostic support systems, models for clinical information systems, and neural networks and image interpretation.


artificial intelligence information system intelligence knowledge knowledge-based system knowledge-based systems medical informatics neural network simulation therapy

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