Table of contents

  1. A. H. Chan, R. A. Games, J. J. Rushanan
    Pages 166-173
  2. Andrew Klapper, Mark Goresky
    Pages 174-178
  3. Adina Di Porto, William Wolfowicz
    Pages 205-210
  4. Lars R. Knudsen
    Pages 211-221
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About these proceedings


This volume contains the refereed papers presented at the International Workshop on Software Encryption Algorithms, held at Cambridge University, U.K. in December 1993.
The collection of papers by representatives of all relevant research centers gives a thorough state-of-the-art report on all theoretical aspects of encryption algorithms and takes into account the new demands from new applications, as for example from the data-intensive multimedia applications. The 26 papers are organized in sections on block ciphers, stream ciphers, software performance, cryptanalysis, hash functions and hybrid ciphers, and randomness and nonlinearity.


Cryptoanalysis Encryption Algorithms Hash Functions Hash-Funktionen Krypto-Analysis Software-Verschlüsselungen Verschlüsselungsalgorithmen algorithms hash function

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