Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Gérard Boudol
    Pages 1-6
  3. Mads Dam
    Pages 22-36
  4. Maarten Fokkinga, Mannes Poel, Job Zwiers
    Pages 50-65
  5. R. J. van Glabbeek
    Pages 66-81
  6. Vladimiro Sassone, Mogens Nielsen, Glynn Winskel
    Pages 82-96
  7. Luca Aceto, David Murphy
    Pages 97-111
  8. Davide Sangiorgi
    Pages 127-142
  9. Søren Christensen, Yoram Hirshfeld, Faron Moller
    Pages 143-157
  10. K. V. S. Prasad
    Pages 173-187
  11. M. Hennessy, H. Lin
    Pages 202-216
  12. Pierre Wolper, Patrice Godefroid
    Pages 233-246
  13. Ole Høgh Jensen, Christian Jeppesen, Jarl Tuxen Lang, Kim Guldstrand Larsen
    Pages 247-261
  14. Orna Bernholtz, Orna Grumberg
    Pages 262-277

About these proceedings


This volume contains the proceedings of CONCUR '93, the fourth in an annual series of conferences devoted to the study of concurrency. The basic aim of the CONCUR conferences is to communicate advances in concurrency theory and applications. The volume contains 31 papers selected from 113submissions, together with four invited papers and two abstracts of invited talks. The invited talks are: "The lambda-calculus with multiplicities" (extended abstract) by G rard Boudol, "A pi-calculus semantics for an object-based design notation" by Cliff B. Jones, "Partial-order methods for temporal verification" by Pierre Wolper and Patrice Godefroid, "Non-interleaving process algebra" by Jos C.M. Baetenand Jan A. Bergstra, "Loop parallelization in the polytope model" by Christian Lengauer, and "Structured operational semantics for process algebras and equational axiom systems" (abstract) by Bard Bloom.


Automata Automaten CONCUR'93 Concurrency Parallelism Program Verification Programmiersemantik Programming Semantics design semantics verification

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