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  1. Front Matter
  2. Daniel Hernández
    Pages 36-53
  3. Gérard F. Ligozat
    Pages 54-68
  4. Ian Pratt
    Pages 77-91
  5. J. Raul Ramirez
    Pages 92-112
  6. Leila De Floriani, Paola Marzano, Enrico Puppo
    Pages 113-138
  7. Sylvia de Hoop, Peter van Oosterom, Martien Molenaar
    Pages 139-157
  8. Stephen C. Hirtle, Thea Ghiselli-Crippa, Michael B. Spring
    Pages 177-189
  9. P. A. Whigham
    Pages 190-201
  10. Gary S. Volta, Max J. Egenhofer
    Pages 215-233
  11. Leila De Floriani, Paola Magillo
    Pages 248-269
  12. Albert Z. Guttenberg
    Pages 284-293

About these proceedings


This volume collects the papers presented at the European Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT '93) held on the island of Elba, Italy, inSeptember 1993. Spatial information theory includes disciplinary topics and interdisciplinary issues dealing with the conceptualization and formalization of large-scale (geographic) space. It contributes towards a consistent theoretical basis for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Geographic information systems are widely used in administration,planning, and science in many different countries, and for a wide variety ofapplications. Research results which relevant for GIS are distributed between many disciplines and contacts between researchers have been limited. At the same time, the development of GIS has been hinderedby the lack of a sound theoretical base. This conference was intended to help remedies these problems.


Abfragesprachen Administration COSIT'93 Data Models Datenmodelle GIS Geographic Information Systems Geoinformationssysteme Query Languages Spatial Reasoning Temporal Reasoning information system information theory

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