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Geometric Reasoning for Perception and Action

Workshop. Grenoble, France, September 16-17, 1991. Selected Papers

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 708)

Conference series link(s): GRPA: Workshop on Geometric Reasoning for Perception and Action

Conference proceedings info: GRPA 1991.

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Table of contents (15 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Shortest paths of bounded curvature in the plane

    • Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, André Cérézo, Juliette Leblond
    Pages 3-18
  3. Optimal motion planning of a mobile robot on a triangulated terrain model

    • Alain Liégeois, Christophe Moignard
    Pages 51-65
  4. Landmark-based robot motion planning

    • Anthony Lazanas, Jean-Claude Latombe
    Pages 69-83
  5. Using genetic algorithms for robot motion planning

    • Juan Manuel Ahuactzin, El-Ghazali Talbi, Pierre Bessière, Emmanuel Mazer
    Pages 84-93
  6. Fast mobile robots in unstructured environments

    • René Zapata, P. Lépinay
    Pages 94-105
  7. A new approach to visual servoing in robotics

    • Bernard Espiau, François Chaumette, Patrick Rives
    Pages 106-136
  8. Geometric solutions to some 3D vision problems

    • Roger Mohr, Luce Morin
    Pages 139-162
  9. Geometrical representation of shapes and objects for visual perception

    • Jean-Marc Chassery, Annick Montanvert
    Pages 163-182
  10. Perceptual grouping for scene interpretation in an active vision system

    • Bruno Zoppis, Gaëlle Calvary, James L. Crowley
    Pages 183-199
  11. Matching 3-D smooth surfaces with their 2-D projections using 3-D distance maps

    • Stéphane Lavallée, Richard Szeliski, Lionel Brunie
    Pages 217-238
  12. From splines and snakes to snake splines

    • F. Leitner, P. Cinquin
    Pages 264-281
  13. Back Matter

Other Volumes

  1. Geometric Reasoning for Perception and Action

About this book

Geometry is a powerful tool to solve a great number of problems in robotics and computer vision. Impressive results have been obtained in these fields in the last decade. It is a new challenge to solve problems of the actual world which require the ability to reason about uncertainty and complex motion constraints by combining geometric, kinematic, and dynamic characteristics. A necessary step is to develop appropriate geometric reasoning techniques with reasonable computational complexity. This volume is based on a workshop held in Grenoble, France,in September 1991. It contains selected contributions on several important areas in the field of robotics and computer vision. The four chapters cover the following areas: - motion planning with kinematic and dynamic constraints, - motion planning and control in the presence of uncertainty, - geometric problems related to visual perception, -numerical problems linked to the implementation of practical algorithms for visual perception.


  • algorithms
  • complexity
  • computer vision
  • motion planning
  • robot
  • robotics
  • uncertainty
  • Engineering Economics

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Softcover Book USD 99.00
Price excludes VAT (USA)