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SDL 2003: System Design

11th International SDL Forum Stuttgart, Germany, July 1–4, 2003 Proceedings

  • Rick Reed
  • Jeanne Reed
Conference proceedings SDL 2003

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2708)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Performance

    1. Wei Monin, Fabrice Dubois, Daniel Vincent, Pierre Combes
      Pages 1-17
    2. Dorin Petriu, Daniel Amyot, Murray Woodside
      Pages 18-35
  3. Evolution

    1. Jacqueline Floch, Rolv Bræk
      Pages 36-54
    2. Susanne Graf, Ileana Ober
      Pages 55-76
    3. Peter Graubmann
      Pages 77-101
  4. Development

    1. Rüdiger Grammes, Reinhard Gotzhein, Christian Mahr, Philipp Schaible, Helmut Schleiffer
      Pages 102-117
    2. Yong He, Daniel Amyot, Alan W. Williams
      Pages 117-136
    3. Christoforos Kavadias, Bernard Perrin, Vangelis Kollias, Michael Loupis
      Pages 137-149
  5. Modeling

    1. Andreas Prinz, Martin v. Löwis
      Pages 150-165
    2. Rickard Holsmark, Magnus Högberg, Shashi Kumar
      Pages 166-182
  6. Timing

    1. Giacomo Bucci, Andrea Fedeli, Enrico Vicario
      Pages 203-217
    2. Benoît Parreaux, Daniel Vincent, Gérard Babonneau
      Pages 218-233
    3. Tong Zheng, Ferhat Khendek, Benoît Parreaux
      Pages 234-250
  7. Validation

    1. Jacqueline Floch, Rolv Bræk
      Pages 251-268
    2. Gábor Kovács, Zoltán Pap, Dung Le Viet, Antal Wu-Hen-Chang, Gyula Csopaki
      Pages 269-284
    3. Annikka Aalto, Nisse Husberg, Kimmo Varpaaniemi
      Pages 285-299
  8. Design

    1. Javier López, Juan J. Ortega, José M. Troya
      Pages 300-316
    2. Philipp Schaible, Reinhard Gotzhein
      Pages 317-334

About these proceedings


This volume contains the papers presented at the 11th SDL Forum, Stuttgart. As well as the papers, the 11th SDL Forum also hosted a system design competition sponsored by Solinet with a cash prize for the “best” design. This follows a similar competition at the SAM 2002 workshop (papers published in LNCS 2599). The winning entry from SAM 2002 is described in the last paper in this volume. The SDL Forum was ?rst held in 1982, and then every two years from 1985. Initially the Forum was concerned only with the Speci?cation and Descr- tion Language ?rst standardized in the 1976 Orange Book of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). From the start this graphical CEFSM (communicating extended ?nite state machines) notation was used both to describe the implementation of systems and to specify systems (especially protocol systems in standards). In the early days both types of description were quite informal, though speci?cations were certainly more formal than the main alternative: natural languagewith some ad hoc ?gures. Implementations were usually written in assembly language, which is at too low a level to reason well about the interaction between communic- ing agents within a system. In this case the notation provided an intermediate description that gave an overview of how the implementation worked, and often the actual logical development was done at the graphical level with hand coding of that description.


SDL Session System UML architecture description languages distributed systems formal language formal methods modeling process communication languages security specification languages systems design languages telecommunication systems design

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