Urban Forest Acoustics

  • Voichita Bucur

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In general, trees are viewed as admired symbolic individuals, producing rec- ational, spiritual and emotional rejuvenation. Their lifespan can far exceed that of humans. Planting a tree is a singular act of faith in the future, c- ating a legacy for the community members who will follow. The presence of trees in an urban area has been a reality for several centuries. Beautiful trees in urban plazas are synonymous with a high sense of community and civic pride. Trees signi?cantly enhance the landscaping and appearance of the built environment. City trees improve several architectural and engineering functions, prov- ing a green infrastructure for communities. Trees create a friendlier envir- ment for walking, riding bikes and working, by reducing glare and softening harsh traf?c sounds and concrete views. Trees enhance the viewing in urban areas of a variety of birds and small animals, such as squirrels. They are of extreme importance to the functioning of many different ecosystems. Trees planted in the right place around buildings can improve air conditioning and heating costs by providing shade or by affecting wind speed or direction. Ev- green trees with dense, persistent needles can be used to provide a windbreak, while deciduous trees allow the sun to warm a house in winter. The more c- pact the branches and foliage of a group of trees, the greater their in?uence as a windbreak.


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