Uranium in the Environment

Mining Impact and Consequences

  • Broder J. Merkel
  • Andrea Hasche-Berger

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  2. Hartmut Biele, Stephanie Hurst
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  3. Manfred Hagen, Alexander Thomas Jakubick
    Pages 11-26
  4. Michael Tauchnitz, Detlev Degering, Carsten Pretzschner, Thomas Wonik, Juergen Boess
    Pages 69-77
  5. Diane A. Blake, Haini Yu, Elizabeth A. James, Xia Li, Robert C. Blake
    Pages 87-95
  6. John Mahoney, Donald Langmuir, John Rowson
    Pages 97-106
  7. Susanne Sachs, Gerhard Geipel, Jens Mibus, Gert Bernhard
    Pages 107-116
  8. Andreas C. Scheinost, Christoph Hennig, Andrea Somogyi, Gemma Martinez-Criado, Reinhard Knappik
    Pages 117-126
  9. Dagmar Schönwiese, Thomas Brasser, Ulrich Noseck
    Pages 127-135
  10. Kai-Uwe Ulrich, André Rossberg, Andreas C. Scheinost, Harald Foerstendorf, Harald Zänker, Ulf Jenk
    Pages 137-147
  11. Holger Dienemann, Claudia Dienemann, E. Gert Dudel
    Pages 149-157
  12. Albrecht Schott, Richard A. Brand, Joachim Kaiser, Dietmar Schmidt
    Pages 165-174
  13. Hildegarde Vandenhove, Ann Cuypers, May van Hees, Jean Wannijn
    Pages 175-182
  14. Linda A. Figueroa, Bruce D. Honeyman, James F. Ranville
    Pages 183-190
  15. Andrea Geissler, Andreas C. Scheinost, Sonja Selenska-Pobell
    Pages 199-205
  16. Michel Fédoroff, Grégory Lefèvre
    Pages 207-216
  17. Alexander Roshal, Dan Kuznetsov
    Pages 217-224
  18. John Mahoney, Donald Langmuir, Maynard Slaughter, John Rowson
    Pages 225-234
  19. Harald Kalka, Horst Märten, Rene Kahnt
    Pages 235-245
  20. Dusan Vopalka, Petr Benes, Klara Doubravova
    Pages 255-262
  21. Vera Biermann, Franz-Georg Simon, Mihály Csővári, József Csicsák, Gábor Földing, Gábor Simoncsics
    Pages 275-285
  22. Juan Pablo Bonetto, Silvia López, Silvia Ratto, Valeria Schindler, Ewald Schnug
    Pages 287-298
  23. Diana Burghardt, Elisabeth Stiebitz, Kai Knöller, Andrea Kassahun
    Pages 299-308
  24. Jan Novák, Hana Čermáková, Jiřina Královcová
    Pages 309-316
  25. Andrea Hasche-Berger, Christian Wolkersdorfer
    Pages 317-328
  26. Annette Küchler, Gunter Kiessig, Christian Kunze
    Pages 329-340
  27. Jens Mibus, Vinzenz Brendler
    Pages 359-368
  28. Michael Paul, Manfred Gengnagel, Delf Baacke
    Pages 369-379
  29. Hamidur Rahman, Yasumoto Magara, Satoshi Miyabayashi, Yasuyuki Yagi
    Pages 381-388
  30. Angelika Schöner, Martin Sauter, Georg Büchel
    Pages 389-397
  31. Gunnar Horak, Christian Lorenz, Karsten Steudel, Sabine Willscher, Wolfgang Pompe, Peter Werner
    Pages 399-408
  32. André Gerth, Anja Hebner, Gunter Kiessig, Anja Zellmer
    Pages 409-414
  33. Albrecht Neudert, Ulf Barnekow
    Pages 415-423
  34. Chicgoua Noubactep, Dirk Merten, Till Heinrichs, Jürgen Sonnefeld, Martin Sauter
    Pages 425-435
  35. Michal Balatka, Hana Čermáková, Jan Novák, JiřÍ Mužák
    Pages 437-447
  36. Hans Bergmann, Klaus-Dieter Voigt, Bernd Machelett, Gerhard Gramss
    Pages 459-468
  37. Lise Duquène, Hildegarde Vandenhove, Filip Tack, Ellen van der Avoort, Jean Wannijn, May van Hees
    Pages 469-476
  38. Gerhard Gramss, Georg Büchel, Hans Bergmann
    Pages 483-493
  39. Martin Mkandawire, E. Gert Dudel, Carsten Müller
    Pages 495-505

About this book


Uranium is an element to be found ubiquitous in rock, soil, and water. Uranium concentrations in natural ground water can be more than several hundreds µg/l without impact from mining, nuclear industry, and fertilizers. Considering the WHO recommendation for drinking water of 15 µg/l (has been as low as 2 µg/l before) due to the chemical toxicity of uranium the element uranium has become an important issue in environmental research. Besides natural enrichment of uranium in aquifers uranium mining and milling activities, further uranium processing to nuclear fuel, emissions form burning coal and oil, and the application of uranium containing phosphate fertilizers may enrich the natural uranium concentrations in soil and water by far. In October 1995 the first international conference on Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology (UMH I) was held in Freiberg being organized by the Department of Geology at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg by the support of the Saxon State Ministry of Geology and Environment. Due to the large scientific interest in the topic of uranium a second conference (UMH II) took place in Freiberg in September 1998. Furthermore, in September 2002 scientists working on the topic of uranium mining and hydrogeology attended the third conference (UMH III) which was jointly held together with the International Mine Water - sociation (IMWA) Symposium 2002. The reviewed papers and posters of the 2002 conference have been published by Springer entitled Uranium in the aquatic en- ronment (edited by Merkel, Planer-Friedrich and Wolkersdorfer).


Engineering Geochemistry Geosciences Groundwater Hydrology Microbiology Soil Science emissions environment hydrogeology mining radioactive waste remediation toxicity

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