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Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning

13th International Conference, LPAR 2006, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November 13-17, 2006. Proceedings

  • Miki Hermann
  • Andrei Voronkov
Conference proceedings LPAR 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4246)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence book sub series (LNAI, volume 4246)

Table of contents

  1. Hendrik Decker, Davide Martinenghi
    Pages 287-301
  2. Orna Kupferman, Yoad Lustig, Moshe Y. Vardi
    Pages 302-316
  3. Véronique Cortier, Eugen Zălinescu
    Pages 317-331
  4. Tobias Gedell, Reiner Hähnle
    Pages 332-346
  5. Christel Baier, Nathalie Bertrand, Philippe Schnoebelen
    Pages 347-361
  6. John Matthews, J. Strother Moore, Sandip Ray, Daron Vroon
    Pages 362-376
  7. Elvira Albert, Puri Arenas, Germán Puebla
    Pages 377-391
  8. Paweł Pietrzak, Jesús Correas, Germán Puebla, Manuel V. Hermenegildo
    Pages 392-406
  9. Álvaro Cortés-Calabuig, Marc Denecker, Ofer Arieli, Maurice Bruynooghe
    Pages 407-421
  10. Pablo R. Fillottrani, Guillermo R. Simari
    Pages 437-451
  11. Jonathan Kavanagh, David Mitchell, Eugenia Ternovska, Ján Maňuch, Xiaohong Zhao, Arvind Gupta
    Pages 452-466
  12. Barbara Fila, Siva Anantharaman
    Pages 467-481
  13. Nachum Dershowitz, Jieh Hsiang, Guan-Shieng Huang, Daher Kaiss
    Pages 482-496
  14. Harald Ganzinger, Konstantin Korovin
    Pages 497-511
  15. Clark Barrett, Robert Nieuwenhuis, Albert Oliveras, Cesare Tinelli
    Pages 512-526
  16. Roberto Bruttomesso, Alessandro Cimatti, Anders Franzén, Alberto Griggio, Roberto Sebastiani
    Pages 527-541
  17. Hélène Kirchner, Silvio Ranise, Christophe Ringeissen, Duc-Khanh Tran
    Pages 542-556
  18. Roberto Bruttomesso, Alessandro Cimatti, Anders Franzén, Alberto Griggio, Alessandro Santuari, Roberto Sebastiani
    Pages 557-571
  19. Peter Baumgartner, Alexander Fuchs, Cesare Tinelli
    Pages 572-586

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Artificial intelligence Automat automated reasoning formal method intelligence logic programming

Editors and affiliations

  • Miki Hermann
    • 1
  • Andrei Voronkov
    • 2
  1. 1.LIX (CNRS, UMR 7161), École PolytechniquePalaiseauFrance
  2. 2.University of ManchesterUK

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