Smart Graphics

6th International Symposium, SG 2006, Vancouver, Canada, July 23-25, 2006. Proceedings

  • Andreas Butz
  • Brian Fisher
  • Antonio Krüger
  • Patrick Olivier
Conference proceedings SG 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4073)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Intelligent Text Processing

    1. Xiaofan Lin
      Pages 13-23
    2. Timo Götzelmann, Knut Hartmann, Thomas Strothotte
      Pages 24-35
  3. Perceptive Systems

    1. Eric Neufeld, Jeff Solheim, Sonje Kristtorn
      Pages 36-49
    2. Jean-luc Lugrin, Marc Cavazza, Marc Buehner
      Pages 50-61
    3. Robyn Taylor, Pierre Boulanger
      Pages 62-69
  4. Smart Visualization

    1. Otmar Hilliges, Phillipp Holzer, Rene Klüber, Andreas Butz
      Pages 82-92
    2. Timo Ropinski, Frank Steinicke, Klaus Hinrichs
      Pages 93-104
  5. Visual Features, Sketching and Graphical Abstraction

    1. Mao Zhihong, Ma Lizhuang, Zhao Mingxi, Li Zhong
      Pages 105-113
    2. Florian Levet, Xavier Granier, Christophe Schlick
      Pages 114-125
    3. Akira Wakita, Masahiro Kobayashi, Hiroaki Chiyokura
      Pages 126-137
    4. Takashi Ijiri, Shigeru Owada, Takeo Igarashi
      Pages 138-146
  6. Intelligent Image and Film Composing

    1. Marc Christie, Hiroshi Hosobe
      Pages 147-159
    2. Hai Nam Ha, Patrick Olivier
      Pages 160-171
  7. Smart Interaction

    1. Shigeru Owada, Frank Nielsen, Takeo Igarashi
      Pages 184-193
    2. Malcolm E. Rodgers, Regan L. Mandryk, Kori M. Inkpen
      Pages 194-205
    3. Lucia Terrenghi, Torsten Fritsche, Andreas Butz
      Pages 206-217
  8. Short Papers

    1. Artemis Moroni, Rafael Maiolla, Jonatas Manzolli, Fernando Von Zuben
      Pages 218-223
    2. Davis Marques, Robert Woodbury
      Pages 230-235
    3. Cheryl Z. Qian, Victor Y. Chen, Robert F. Woodbury
      Pages 236-241
    4. Orland Hoeber, Xue Dong Yang
      Pages 242-247
    5. Leo Ferres, Avi Parush, Zhihong Li, Yandu Oppacher, Gitte Lindgaard
      Pages 248-253
    6. Hans Jörg Müller, Antonio Krüger
      Pages 254-256
    7. Tao Lin, Wanhua Hu, Atsumi Imamiya, Masaki Omata
      Pages 257-262
  9. Back Matter

About these proceedings


The International Symposium on Smart Graphics 2006 was held during July 23–25, 2006, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. It was the seventh event in a series which originally started in 2000 as an AAAI Spring Symposium. In response to the overwhelming success of the 2000 symposium, its or- nizers decided to turn it into a self-contained event. With the support of IBM, the ?rst two International Symposia on Smart Graphics were held at the T. J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, New York, in 2001 and 2002. The 2003 symposium moved to the European Media Lab in Heidelberg. Since then the conference has alternated between North America and Europe. It was held at Ban? Alberta Canada in 2004 and at the cloister Frauenw¨ orth on the island of Frauenchiemsee in Germany in 2005. The core idea behind these symposia is to bring together researchers and practitionersfrom the ?eld of computer graphics,arti?cialintelligence, cognitive science, graphic design and the ?ne arts. Each of these disciplines contributes to what we mean by the term “Smart Graphics”: the intelligent process of c- ating e?ective, expressive and esthetic graphical presentation. While artists and designers have been creating communicative graphics for centuries, arti?cial - telligence focuses on automating this process by means of the computer. While computer graphics provides the tools for creating graphical presentations in the ?rst place, the cognitive sciences contribute the rules and models of perception necessary for the design of e?ective graphics.


3D visualization Augmented Reality HCI Multimedia Simulation animation artificial intelligence cognition cognitive science collaborative environments intelligenc virtual environments intelligence intelligent text processing perceptive visualization

Editors and affiliations

  • Andreas Butz
    • 1
  • Brian Fisher
    • 2
  • Antonio Krüger
    • 3
  • Patrick Olivier
    • 4
  1. 1.Media InformaticsUniversity of MunichGermany
  2. 2.Simon Fraser University at SurreySurreyCanada
  3. 3.Institute for GeoinformaticsWestfälische Wilhelms-UniversitätMünsterGermany
  4. 4.School of Computing Science, Culture LabNewcastle University, Newcastle upon TyneUK

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