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Group Coordination and Cooperative Control

  • Hot topic of current interest in a variety of research communities, including biology, robotics, communications and sensor networks, artificial intelligence, automatic control etc.

  • Outcome of a workshop Group coordination and Cooperative control bringing together a small number of key researchers from the control community

  • Focus on the control theoretic challenges that group coordination and cooperation raise

  • Includes supplementary material:

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences (LNCIS, volume 336)

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Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Cross-Track Formation Control of Underactuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

    • E. Børhaug, A. Pavlov, K.Y. Pettersen
    Pages 35-54
  3. Kinematic Aspects of Guided Formation Control in 2D

    • M. Breivik, M.V. Subbotin, T.I. Fossen
    Pages 55-74
  4. ISS-Based Robust Leader/Follower Trailing Control

    • X. Chen, A. Serrani
    Pages 75-91
  5. Robust Formation Control of Marine Craft Using Lagrange Multipliers

    • I.-A.F. Ihle, J. Jouffroy, T.I. Fossen
    Pages 113-129
  6. Output Feedback Control of Relative Translation in a Leader-Follower Spacecraft Formation

    • R. Kristiansen, A. Loría, A. Chaillet, P.J. Nicklasson
    Pages 131-151
  7. Coordinated Attitude Control of Satellites in Formation

    • T.R. Krogstad, J.T. Gravdahl
    Pages 153-170
  8. A Virtual Vehicle Approach to Underway Replenishment

    • E. Kyrkjebø, E. Panteley, A. Chaillet, K.Y. Pettersen
    Pages 171-189
  9. A Study of Huijgens’ Synchronization: Experimental Results

    • W.T. Oud, H. Nijmeijer, A.Yu. Pogromsky
    Pages 191-203
  10. A Study of Controlled Synchronization of Huijgens’ Pendula

    • A.Yu. Pogromsky, V.N. Belykh, H. Nijmeijer
    Pages 205-216
  11. Group Coordination and Cooperative Control of Steered Particles in the Plane

    • R. Sepulchre, D.A. Paley, N.E. Leonard
    Pages 217-232
  12. Coordinating Control for a Fleet of Underactuated Ships

    • A. Shiriaev, A. Robertsson, L. Freidovich, R. Johansson
    Pages 233-250
  13. Controlled Synchronisation of Continuous PWA Systems

    • N. van den Wouw, A. Pavlov, H. Nijmeijer
    Pages 271-289
  14. Design of Convergent Switched Systems

    • R.A. van den Berg, A.Yu. Pogromsky, G.A. Leonov, J.E. Rooda
    Pages 291-311
  15. Back Matter

About this book

Group coordination and cooperative control are topics currently receiving a lot of interest. Coordinating the motion of a group of relatively simple and inexpensive agents can cover a larger operational area and achieve complex tasks exceeding the abilities of a single agent. This enables applications such as teams of robots for de-mining operations, aerospace formation flying for survey, fleets of AUVs for oceanographic mapping, and ships doing coordinated towing operations.

Inspired by the progress in the field, a Workshop on Group Coordination and Cooperative Control was organised in Tromsø, Norway, 2006. The objective was to focus on control theoretic challenges that group coordination and cooperation raise, and lay the ground for future research on this. The presentations included recent results and discussions of theoretical challenges, industrial needs, unresolved problems and future research directions.

This volume contains the contributions of the workshop. The book covers a wide range of subjects within the area of group coordination and cooperative control, and forms a valuable and up-to-date text on the newer trends in group coordination and cooperative control.


  • Control of Multiple Vehicles
  • Cooperative Control
  • Formation Control
  • Group Coordination
  • Synchronisation
  • Trend
  • robot
  • quality control, reliability, safety and risk

Bibliographic Information

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  • Editors: Kristin Y. Pettersen, Jan Tommy Gravdahl, Henk Nijmeijer

  • Series Title: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences

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  • Publisher: Springer Berlin, Heidelberg

  • eBook Packages: Engineering, Engineering (R0)

  • Copyright Information: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006

  • Softcover ISBN: 978-3-540-33468-2Published: 19 May 2006

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  • Number of Pages: XII, 311

  • Number of Illustrations: 92 b/w illustrations

  • Topics: Control, Robotics, Automation, Security Science and Technology

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Softcover Book USD 179.99
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