HCI related papers of Interacción 2004

  • Raquel Navarro-Prieto
  • Jesús Lorés   Vidal

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Julio Abascal, Myriam Arrue, Inmaculada Fajardo, Nestor Garay
    Pages 1-17
  3. M. Gea, M.J. Rodríguez, M.L. Rodríguez, N. Medina, R. López-Cózar, P. Paderewski et al.
    Pages 19-28
  4. Arturo Zambrano, Silvia Gordillo, Luis Norberto Polasek
    Pages 29-40
  5. Raquel Navarro-Prieto, Eva Patrícia Gil Rodríguez
    Pages 41-54
  6. Francisco J. García, Adriana Berlanga, Jorge Carabias, Ana Gil, Joaquín García
    Pages 71-79
  7. S. Sayago, J. Martínez, J. Blat, R. García, D. Griffiths, F. Casado
    Pages 81-88
  8. Ramón López-Cózar, Zoraida Callejas, Miguel Gea, José L. Garrido, Marcelino Cabrera
    Pages 89-101
  9. Mari Carmen Puerta Melguizo, Cristina Chisalita, Gerrit C. van der Veer
    Pages 119-135
  10. José Luis Isla Montes, Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela, José Luis Garrido Bullejos, M. Visitación Hurtado Torres, Miguel J. Hornos Barranco
    Pages 137-146
  11. Pablo A. Haya, Germán Montoro
    Pages 147-154
  12. José A. Macías, Ángel R. Puerta, Pablo Castells
    Pages 155-162
  13. Henrry Rodríguez, Kerstin Severinson Eklundh, Nils-Erik Gustafsson
    Pages 179-194
  14. M. Villarroel, P. de la Fuente, A. Pedrero, J. Adiego
    Pages 195-204
  15. Mari-Carmen Marcos, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Carlos Andrés Ardila
    Pages 205-216
  16. Ana I. Molina, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega
    Pages 217-227
  17. Pere Ponsa Asensio, Marta Díaz Boladeras
    Pages 229-242
  18. Antonio Fernández-Caballero, Arturo Peñarrubia, Pascual González
    Pages 257-265
  19. P. Castells, F. Perdrix, E. Pulido, M. Rico, J. M. Fuentes, R. Benjamins et al.
    Pages 267-276
  20. Crescencio Bravo, Miguel á. Redondo, Antonio J. Mendes, Manuel Ortega
    Pages 289-302
  21. Miguel A. Redondo, Crescencio Bravo, Manuel Ortega
    Pages 317-327
  22. Francisco Montero, Víctor López-Jaquero, María Lozano, Pascual González
    Pages 329-336
  23. A.L. Carrillo-León, J. Falgueras-Cano, A. Guevara-Plaza
    Pages 337-344
  24. Camila Cordero Mansilla, ángel de Miguel Artal, Eladio Domínguez Murillo, Ma Antonia Zapata Abad
    Pages 345-357

About these proceedings


The present book contains a collection of the best papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Interacción Persona Ordenador (IPO) (which is Human Computer Interaction in Spanish), which took place in th th Lleida on May 5 -7 , 2004. This conference was co-organised by the Universitat of Lleida and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Each year this conference is promoted by the Asociación para la Interacción Persona Ordenador (AIPO), the Spanish Human Computer Interaction Association, in collaboration with the local group of ACM- SIGCHI (CHISPA). In its fifth edition this conference has become a multidisciplinary forum for the discussion and dissemination of novelty research in Human Computer Interaction. The main goals of Interacción 2004 were: To expand the conference scope with internationally recognised invited speakers. The plenary talks were presented by Alan Dix, Yvonne Rogers, Geritt van der Veer, and Angel Puerta. To open the participation to Spanish speaker worldwide in order to be a point of reference of this discipline not only in Spain but also in the wider Spanish speaking community. This goal was reached through a very diverse program which included panels and posters sessions, where many different aspect of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) were presented. All through the program, research from outside Spain was reflected through the contributions from people of other countries.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Raquel Navarro-Prieto
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  • Jesús Lorés   Vidal
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  1. 1.Estació de la ComunicacióUniversity Pompeu Fabra FundationSpain
  2. 2.University of LleidaSpain

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