Deep Impact Mission: Looking Beneath the Surface of a Cometary Nucleus

  • Christopher T. Russell

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Michael F. A’Hearn, Michael J. S. Belton, Alan Delamere, William H. Blume
    Pages 1-21
  3. William H. Blume
    Pages 23-42
  4. Donald L. Hampton, James W. Baer, Martin A. Huisjen, Chris C. Varner, Alan Delamere, Dennis D. Wellnitz et al.
    Pages 43-93
  5. Nikos Mastrodemos, Daniel G. Kubitschek, Stephen P. Synnott
    Pages 95-121
  6. Donald K. Yeomans, Jon D. Giorgini, Steven R. Chesley
    Pages 123-135
  7. Michael J. S. Belton, Karen J. Meech, Michael F. A’Hearn, Olivier Groussin, Lucy McFadden, Carey Lisse et al.
    Pages 137-160
  8. C. M. Lisse, M. F. A’Hearn, T. L. Farnham, O. Groussin, K. J. Meech, U. Fink et al.
    Pages 161-192
  9. Peter C. Thomas, Joseph Veverka, Michael F. A’Hearn, Lucy Mcfadden, Michael J. S. Belton, Jessica M. Sunshine
    Pages 193-205
  10. Peter H. Schultz, Carolyn M. Ernst, Jennifer L. B. Anderson
    Pages 207-239
  11. James E. Richardson, H. Jay Melosh, Natasha A. Artemeiva, Elisabetta Pierazzo
    Pages 241-267
  12. Jessica M. Sunshine, Michael F. A’Hearn, Olivier Groussin, Lucy A. McFadden, Kenneth P. Klaasen, Peter H. Schultz et al.
    Pages 269-295
  13. K. J. Meech, M. F. A’Hearn, Y. R. FernÁndez, C. M. Lisse, H. A. Weaver, N. Biver et al.
    Pages 297-334
  14. Kenneth P. Klaasen, Brian Carcich, Gemma Carcich, Edwin J. Grayzeck, Stephanie McLaughlin
    Pages 335-372
  15. L. A. McFadden, M. K. Rountree-Brown, E. M. Warner, S. A. McLaughlin, J. M. Behne, J. D. Ristvey et al.
    Pages 373-396

About this book


Deep Impact, or at least part of the flight system, is designed to crash into comet 9P/Tempel 1. This bold mission design enables cometary researchers to peer into the cometary nucleus, analyzing the material excavated with its imagers and spectrometers. The book describes the mission, its objectives, expected results, payload, and data products in articles written by those most closely involved. This mission has the potential of revolutionizing our understanding of the cometary nucleus.


collision cometary geology cometary nuclues dynamics evolution experiment geology infrared spectroscopy remote sensing solar system solar system evolution spectroscopy system

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