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Information, Interaction and Agency

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Alexandru Baltag, Lawrence S. Moss
    Pages 1-60
  3. Valentin Goranko, Wojciech Jamroga
    Pages 77-116
  4. Karl Tuyls, Ann Nowe, Tom Lenaerts, Bernard Manderick
    Pages 133-166
  5. Reinhard Blutner
    Pages 203-234
  6. Franz Dietrich, Christian List
    Pages 235-262
  7. Arjen Hommersom, John-Jules Meyer, Erik de Vink
    Pages 289-327
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 329-334

About this book


Contemporary epistemological and cognitive studies, as well as recent trends in computer science and game theory have revealed an increasingly important and intimate relationship between Information, Interaction, and Agency.

Agents perform actions based on the available information and in the presence of other interacting agents. From this perspective Information, Interaction, and Agency neatly ties together classical themes like rationality, decision-making and belief revision with games, strategies and learning in a multi-agent setting.

Unified by the central notions Information, Interaction, and Agency, the essays in this volume provide refreshing methodological perspectives on belief revision, dynamic epistemic logic, von Neumann games, and evolutionary game theory; all of which in turn are central approaches to understanding our own rationality and that of other agents.


game theory information learning logic model checking multi-agent system semantics

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