Ocean Weather Forecasting

An Integrated View of Oceanography

  • Eric P. Chassignet
  • Jacques Verron

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Introduction

  3. Modeling

    1. Stephen M. Griffies
      Pages 19-73
    2. Anne Marie Treguier
      Pages 75-108
    3. Eric Blayo, Laurent Debreu
      Pages 127-146
  4. Oceanographic observations and atmospheric forcing

  5. Data assimilation

    1. Florence Rabier
      Pages 343-360
    2. David Anderson, Magdalena Balmaseda, Arthur Vidard
      Pages 361-379
  6. Systems

    1. Pierre Bahurel, MERCATOR Project Team
      Pages 381-395
    2. Michael J. Bell, Rosa Barciela, Adrian Hines, Matt Martin, Alistair Sellar, David Storkey
      Pages 397-411
    3. Eric P. Chassignet, Harley E. Hurlburt, Ole Martin Smedstad, George R. Halliwell, Patrick J. Hogan, Alan J. Wallcraft et al.
      Pages 413-426
    4. Jean-François Minster
      Pages 441-447
    5. John Harding, James Rigney
      Pages 467-482
    6. Bruce Hackett, Øyvind Breivik, Cecilie Wettre
      Pages 507-523
    7. John L. Wilkin, Lyon Lanerolle
      Pages 549-572
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 573-577

About this book


Ocean Weather Forecasting: An Integrated View of Oceanography


The field of physical oceanography has matured to a point where it is now conceivable to combine numerical models and observations via data assimilation in order to provide ocean prediction products on various spatial and time scales. As a result, many nations have begun large-scale efforts to provide routine products to the oceanographic community and started to develop operational oceanography systems. The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) provides a framework for these efforts, i.e., a global system of observations, communications, modeling, and assimilation that will deliver regular, comprehensive information on the state of the oceans, in a way that will promote and engender wide utility and availability of this resource for maximum benefit to the community. The societal benefit of this experiment will be an increased knowledge of the marine environment and ocean climate, predictive skills for societal, industrial, and commercial benefit and tactical and strategic advantage, as well as the provision of a comprehensive and integrated approach to the oceans. We therefore considered it timely, given the international context, to bring together leading scientists, system developers, and application providers to present an integrated view of oceanography. The chapters collected in this volume cover a wide range of topics and summarize our present knowledge in ocean modeling, ocean observing systems, and data assimilation.



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  • Eric P. Chassignet
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  • Jacques Verron
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  2. 2.LEGICNRSGrenobleFrance

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