Liquid Culture Systems for in vitro Plant Propagation

  • Anne Kathrine Hvoslef-Eide
  • Walter Preil

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Bioreactors

  3. Temporary Immersion Systems

    1. Nilca Albany, Elio Jiménez González, Jorge Vilchez, Leyanis García, Manuel de Feria, Naivy Pérez et al.
      Pages 213-224
    2. Rafael Gómez Kosky, J. Vilchez Perozo, N. Albany Valero, D. Agramonte Peñalver
      Pages 225-229
    3. C. Damiano, S.R. La Starza, S. Monticelli, A. Gentile, E. Caboni, A. Frattarelli
      Pages 243-251
    4. Katerina Grigoriadou, Miltiadis Vasilakakis, Theofilos Tzoulis, Eleftherios P. Eleftheriou
      Pages 263-274
  4. Somatic Embryogenesis and Shoot Initiation

    1. Sara von Arnold, Peter Bozhkov, David Clapham, Julia Dyachok, Lada Filonova, Karl-Anders Högberg et al.
      Pages 283-293
    2. M. Vágner, Z. Vondráková, L. Fischerová, J. Opatrná
      Pages 295-302
    3. Michel Petitprez, A. Sarrafi, E. Flores-Berrios, X. XuHan, C. Briere, L. Gentzbittel
      Pages 313-322
    4. Nicolas Roux, Hannelore Strosse, Arsenio Toloza, Bart Panis, Jaroslav Doležel
      Pages 337-344
    5. Anna Mikuła, Jan J. Rybczyński, Jerzy Skierski, Monika J. Latkowska, Agnieszka Fiuk
      Pages 345-358
    6. Barbara Ruffoni, Marco Savona, Silvia Doveri, Manuela Pamato, Silvana Carli
      Pages 365-372
    7. Pratap Kumar Pati, Madhu Sharma, Anil Sood, Paramvir Singh Ahuja
      Pages 373-385
  5. Commercial Process Development and Culture Environment

  6. Biomass for Secondary Metabolite Production

    1. E. Gontier, S. Piutti, A. Gravot, S. Milesi, A. Grabner, B. Massot et al.
      Pages 509-524
    2. Dirk Wilken, Elio Jiménez González, Annette Hohe, Miguel Jordan, Rafael Gomez Kosky, Guillermo Schmeda Hirschmann et al.
      Pages 525-537
    3. C. Kevers, G. Bare, T. Gaspar, P. Thonart, J. Dommes
      Pages 547-555
    4. S. M. Nalawade, A. P. Sagare, C. L. Kuo, S. F. Lo, C. Y. Lee, Y. L. Lee et al.
      Pages 557-565
    5. K. Bruňáková, Z. Babincová, E. Čellárová
      Pages 567-574
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 575-588

About this book


High-efficiency micropropagation, with relatively low labour costs, has been demonstrated in this unique book detailing liquid media systems for plant tissue culture. World authorities (e.g. von Arnold, Curtis, Takayama, Ziv) contribute seminal papers together with papers from researchers across Europe that are members of the EU COST Action 843 "Advanced micropropagation systems". First-hand practical applications are detailed for crops – including ornamentals and trees – using a wide range of techniques, from thin-film temporary immersion systems to more traditional aerated bioreactors with many types of explant – shoots to somatic embryos. The accounts are realistic, balanced and provide a contemporary account of this important aspect of mass propagation.

This book is essential reading for all those in commercial micropropagation labs, as well as researchers worldwide who are keen to improve propagation techniques and lower economic costs of production. Undergraduate and postgraduate students in the applied plant sciences and horticulture will find the book an enlightened treatise.


Embryo Hydra Regeneration Sowing seed

Editors and affiliations

  • Anne Kathrine Hvoslef-Eide
    • 1
  • Walter Preil
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Plant and Environmental ScienceAgricultural University of NorwayÅsNorway
  2. 2.Formerly Federal Centre for Breeding Research on Cultivated PlantsInstitute for Ornamental Plant BreedingAhrensburgGermany

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