The Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE)

Mission Description and Early Results

  • G. Rottman
  • T. Woods
  • V. George

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Gary Rottman
    Pages 7-25
  3. Judith Lean, Gary Rottman, Jerald Harder, Greg Kopp
    Pages 27-53
  4. Thomas P. Sparn, Gary Rottman, Thomas N. Woods, Brian D. Boyle, Richard Kohnert, Sean Ryan et al.
    Pages 71-89
  5. Greg Kopp, George Lawrence
    Pages 91-109
  6. Greg Kopp, Karl Heuerman, George Lawrence
    Pages 111-127
  7. Greg Kopp, George Lawrence, Gary Rottman
    Pages 129-139
  8. Jerald Harder, George Lawrence, Juan Fontenla, Gary Rottman, Thomas Woods
    Pages 141-167
  9. Jerald W. Harder, Juan Fontenla, George Lawrence, Thomas Woods, Gary Rottman
    Pages 169-204
  10. Gary Rottman, Jerald Harder, Juan Fontenla, Thomas Woods, Oran R. White, George M. Lawrence
    Pages 205-224
  11. William E. McClintock, Gary J. Rottman, Thomas N. Woods
    Pages 225-258
  12. William E. McClintock, Martin Snow, Thomas N. Woods
    Pages 259-294
  13. Martin Snow, William E. McClintock, Gary Rottman, Thomas N. Woods
    Pages 295-324
  14. Martin Snow, William E. McClintock, Thomas N. Woods, Oran R. White, Jerald W. Harder, Gary Rottman
    Pages 325-344
  15. Thomas N. Woods, Gary Rottman, Robert Vest
    Pages 345-374
  16. Christopher K. Pankratz, Barry G. Knapp, Randy A. Reukauf, Juan Fontenla, Michael A. Dorey, Lillian M. Connelly et al.
    Pages 389-413

About this book


This book describes the state-of-the art instruments for measuring the solar irradiance from soft x-ray to the near infrared and the total solar irradiance. Furthermore, the SORCE mission and early results on solar variability are presented along with papers that provide an overview of solar influences on Earth.


Experiment Orbit Scale climate change instrument irradiance satellite solar sorce stellar variability

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