Experimental Aspects of Quantum Computing

  • Henry O. Everitt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Introduction

    1. Henry Everitt
      Pages 1-4
  3. Invited Articles

    1. Peter W. Shor
      Pages 5-13
    2. Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Nicolas Boulant, Zhiying Chen, David G. Cory, Isaac Chuang, Matthias Steffen
      Pages 15-44
    3. B. B. Blinov, D. Leibfried, C. Monroe, D. J. Wineland
      Pages 45-59
    4. R. Blatt, H. Häffner, C. F. Roos, C. Becher, F. Schmidt-Kaler
      Pages 61-73
    5. S. J. van Enk, H. J. Kimble, H. Mabuchi
      Pages 75-90
    6. P. S. Jessen, I. H. Deutsch, R. Stock
      Pages 91-103
    7. J. R. Tucker, T. -C. Shen
      Pages 105-113
    8. Hans-Andreas Engel, L. P. Kouwenhoven, Daniel Loss, C. M. Marcus
      Pages 115-132
    9. Mark A. Eriksson, Mark Friesen, Susan N. Coppersmith, Robert Joynt, Levente J. Klein, Keith Slinker et al.
      Pages 133-146
    10. Xiaoqin Li, Duncan Steel, Daniel Gammon, L. J. Sham
      Pages 147-161
    11. Michel H. Devoret, John M. Martinis
      Pages 163-203
    12. J. P. Dowling, J. D. Franson, H. Lee, G. J. Milburn
      Pages 205-213
    13. Prem Kumar, Paul Kwiat, Alan Migdall, Sae Woo Nam, Jelena Vuckovic, Franco N. C. Wong
      Pages 215-231
  4. Contributed Articles

    1. A. Persaud, S. J. Park, J. A. Liddle, I. W. Rangelow, J. Bokor, R. Keller et al.
      Pages 233-245
    2. Henryk Gutmann, Frank K. Wilhelm, William M. Kaminsky, Seth Lloyd
      Pages 247-272
    3. Giuliano Benenti, Giulio Casati, Simone Montangero
      Pages 273-293
    4. D. ben-Avraham, E. M. Bollt, C. Tamon
      Pages 295-308

About this book


Practical quantum computing still seems more than a decade away, and researchers have not even identified what the best physical implementation of a quantum bit will be. There is a real need in the scientific literature for a dialog on the topic of lessons learned and looming roadblocks. These papers, which appeared in the journal of "Quantum Information Processing" are dedicated to the experimental aspects of quantum computing These papers highlight the lessons learned over the last ten years, outline the challenges over the next ten years, and discuss the most promising physical implementations of quantum computing.


Cavity-QED NMR quantum information processing ion trap quantum computing one-dimensional continuous-time quantum walk quantum algorithm quantum computer quantum dot quantum system qubit scalable linear-optical quantum computer semiconductor quantum dot spin qubit superconducting integrated circuit trapped ion hyperfine qubits trapped neutral atoms

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