Calixarenes 2001

  • Zouhair Asfari
  • Volker Böhmer
  • Jack Harrowfield
  • Jacques Vicens
  • Mohamed Saadioui

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. C. David Gutsche
    Pages 1-25
  3. Iris Thondorf, Alexander Shivanyuk, Volker Böhmer
    Pages 26-53
  4. Anna Notti, Melchiorre F. Parisia, Sebastiano Pappalardo
    Pages 54-70
  5. Ulrich Lüning, Frank Löffler, Jan Eggert
    Pages 71-88
  6. Placido Neri, Grazia M. L. Consoli, Francesca Cunsolo, Corrada Geraci, Mario Piattelll
    Pages 89-109
  7. Mir Wais Hosseini
    Pages 110-129
  8. Mohamed Saadioui, Volker Böhmer
    Pages 130-154
  9. Dmitry M. Rudkevich
    Pages 155-180
  10. Willen Verboom
    Pages 181-198
  11. Christoph Naumann, John C. Sherman
    Pages 199-218
  12. Yosuke Nakamura, Takahiro Fujii, Seiichi Inokuma, Jun Nishimura
    Pages 219-234
  13. Bernardo Masci
    Pages 235-249
  14. Myroslav Vysotsky, Mohamed Saadioui, Volker Böhmer
    Pages 250-265
  15. Silvio E. Biali
    Pages 266-279
  16. Iris Thondorf
    Pages 280-295
  17. Eric B. Brouwer, Gary D. Enright, Christopher I. Ratcliffe, John A. Ripmeester, Konstantin A. Udachin
    Pages 296-311
  18. Jérôme Golebiowski, Véronique Lamare, Manuel F. Ruiz-López
    Pages 334-345
  19. Angela F. Danil de Namor
    Pages 346-364
  20. Alessandro Casnati, Rocco Ungaro, Zouhair Asfari, Jacques Vicens
    Pages 365-384
  21. Francoise Arnaud-Neu, M. Anthony McKervey, Marie-José Schwing-Weill
    Pages 385-406
  22. D. Max Roundhill, Jin Yu Shen
    Pages 407-420
  23. Susan E. Matthews, Paul D. Beer
    Pages 421-439
  24. Alessandro Casnati, Domenico Sciotto, Giuseppe Arena
    Pages 440-456
  25. Arturo Arduin, Andrea Pochini, Andrea Secchi, Franco Ugozzoli
    Pages 457-475
  26. Zhen-Lin Zhong, Atsushi Ikeda, Seiji Shinkai
    Pages 476-495
  27. Francesco Sansone, Margarita Segura, Rocco Ungaro
    Pages 496-512
  28. Stéphan Steyer, Catherine Jeunesse, Dominique Armspach, Dominique Matt, Jack Harrowfteld
    Pages 513-535
  29. Carlo Floriani, Rita Floriani-Moro
    Pages 536-560
  30. Pierre Thuéry, Martine Nierlich, Jack Harrowfield, Mark Ogden
    Pages 561-582
  31. Nanda Sabbatini, Massimo Guardigli, Ilse Manet, Raymond Ziessel
    Pages 583-597
  32. Andrew Lucke, Charles J. M. Stirling, Volker BÖhmer
    Pages 612-626
  33. Francis Cadogan, Kieran Nolan, Dermot Diamond
    Pages 627-641
  34. Francoise Arnaud-Neu, Marie-José Schwing-Weill, Jean-Francois Dozol
    Pages 642-662
  35. Robert Milbradt, Volker Böhmer
    Pages 663-676
  36. Back Matter
    Pages 677-683

About this book


Calixarene chemistry, at the turn of the millennium, is a field approaching true maturity. In many areas, applications are real and important, and the arsenal of structures based on calixarenes provides tools effective in numerous areas of supramolecular chemistry. In this book, chapters contributed by a broad spectrum of international authors provide a variety of perspectives upon the progress and future of calixarene chemistry. Issues covered in depth include:

  • Calixarene synthesis, with all its subtleties and sophistication.
  • Forces at play in the inclusion of neutral and charged molecules by calixarenes.
  • Theoretical analyses of calixarene properties.
  • Dynamics and thermodynamics of calixarenes and their complexes.
  • Nanocomposite construction based on calixarene aggregates.
  • Calixarenes on surfaces.
  • Analytical applications of calixarenes.
  • Catalysis by calixarenes and their complexes.
  • Resource recovery and waste treatment with calixarenes.
  • New directions in calixarene chemistry.
  • Hetero- and homo-calixarenes.
  • Bioactive calixarenes.
  • Coordination chemistry of calixarenes.
  • Calixarenes in the solid state.
  • Keywords

    alkali metal catalysis chromium coordination chemistry fullerene fullerenes metals self-assembly structure supramolecular chemistry synthesis thermodynamics

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    • Volker Böhmer
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    • Jacques Vicens
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