Molecular Biology of Metal Homeostasis and Detoxification

From Microbes to Man

  • Editors
  • Markus J. Tamas
  • Enrico Martinoia

Part of the Topics in Current Genetics book series (TCG, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XX
  2. Jaekwon Lee, David Adle, Heejeong Kim
    Pages 1-36
  3. Lisa M. Regalla, Thomas J. Lyons
    Pages 37-58
  4. Ernest Kwok, Daniel Kosman
    Pages 59-99
  5. Michael A. Cater, Julian F.B. Mercer
    Pages 101-129
  6. Michal Hershfinkel
    Pages 131-153
  7. Martha B. Johnson, Caroline A. Enns, An-Sheng Zhang
    Pages 155-191
  8. Ute Krämer, Stephan Clemens
    Pages 215-271
  9. Stéphane Mari, Michel Lebrun
    Pages 273-298
  10. Wendy Ann Peer, Ivan R. Baxter, Elizabeth L. Richards, John L. Freeman, Angus S. Murphy
    Pages 299-340
  11. Markus J. Tamás, Jean Labarre, Michel B. Toledano, Robert Wysocki
    Pages 395-454
  12. Nazzareno Ballatori, Michael S. Madejczyk
    Pages 455-483
  13. Barry P. Rosen
    Pages 485-505
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 507-509

About this book


One of the challenges faced by every cell as well as by whole organisms is to maintain appropriate concentrations of essential nutrient metals while excluding nonessential toxic metals. Toward that end, all organisms have developed mechanisms for metal homeostasis and detoxification to maintain metal levels within physiological limits. This book brings together current knowledge of the molecular basis of metal homeostasis and detoxification in various eukaryotic model systems, including yeasts, plants, and mammals. It focuses on the cellular systems controlling metal transport, intracellular distribution, and immobilization as well as on systems regulating metal-dependent transcription. In addition to environmental aspects (including phytoremediation), the book treats the pathophysiology of metal deficiency and overload in relation to disease.


homeostasis metal biology metal transport microbe molecular biology molecular mechanisms physiology phytoremediation plant mineral nutrition regulation toxic metals transcription transport

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