Perspectives in Modern Seismology

  • Editors
  • Friedemann Wenzel

Part of the Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences book series (LNEARTH, volume 105)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Andreas Fäcke, Lothar Stempniewski, Sandra M. Richwalski, Stefano Parolai, Claus Milkereit, Rongjiang Wang et al.
    Pages 13-30
  3. Ellen Gottschämmer, Friedemann Wenzel, Hillel Wust-Bloch, Zvi Ben-Avraham
    Pages 31-45
  4. Gh. Marmureanu, M. Misicu, C. O. Cioflan, F. St. Balan, B. F. Apostol
    Pages 47-67
  5. Christoph Jäger, Thomas Hertweck, Alexander Goertz
    Pages 115-126
  6. Eric Duveneck, Christof Müller, Thomas Bohlen
    Pages 127-143
  7. Zvi Ben-Avraham, Michael Lazar, Uri Schattner, Shmuel Marco
    Pages 145-167
  8. Blanka Sperner,   The CRC 461 Team
    Pages 187-202
  9. Back Matter

About this book


The core of this book is based on the unique cooperation between earth scientists and civil engineers working in the field of strong earthquakes in the Vrancea region of Rumania and the capital city Bucharest. It goes on to review the results of deep seismic tomography from mantel pumes, deep lithospehric properties from Russian nuclear explosion data and high -resolution imaging in seismics.  Finally, the third part of this book focusses on the effect of tectonics on plate motions and civilisation. 


Earthquake Engineering Seismic Imaging Tectonics and Civilisation World Stress Map earthquake seismic seismology

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