Skeletal Injury in the Child

  • John A. Ogden

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About this book


It is remarkable that Dr. Ogden has created a third edition of Skeletal Injury in the Child. It seems just a short time since the publication of the ?rst (1982) and second (1990) editions. The previous texts have been so comprehensive that it is dif?cult to imagine he could add more information to the existing chapters and create additional new chapters. One of the new chapters concerns the multiply-injured child, who presents an increasing problem in management. More children are surviving because of modern methods of emergency transportation and resuscitation. As a con- quence, a signi?cant number with extensive head and thoracoabdominal injuries are presenting to the emergency room, posing dif?cult problems in the coor- nation of care and timing of selective aspects of management. Survival rates are improving. Most of these children have concomitant musculoskeletal injury, which must be effectively treated because of the survival potential. There is a new chapter on abnormal healing and growth plate disruption, with particular emphasis on bony bridge resection. Our ability to recognize epiphyseal bars has greatly improved. Now, we can better anticipate and recognize growth arrest before it becomes extensive. Dr. Ogden has provided many helpful sugg- tions on how best to document and approach these physeal injury complications.


amputation anatomy biomechanics complication emergency foot fracture growth hand hip knee shoulder trauma

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