Coronary Magnetic Resonance Angiography

  • André J. Duerinckx

Table of contents

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  2. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 10-18
  3. Dennis Atkinson, Orlando Simonetti, André J. Duerinckx
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  4. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 37-42
  5. Pamela K. Woodard, Debiao Li
    Pages 59-67
  6. Andé J. Duerinckx
    Pages 68-81
  7. Johannes C. Post, Albert C. van Rossum
    Pages 82-89
  8. André J. Duerinckx, Akram Shaaban, Anthony Lewis, Joseph Perloff, Hillel Laks
    Pages 90-99
  9. Thomas G. Vrachliotis, Kostaki G. Bis
    Pages 100-114
  10. Bernd J. Wintersperger
    Pages 115-128
  11. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 144-150
  12. Hugo G. Bogren, Michael H. Buonocore
    Pages 151-171
  13. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 172-183
  14. AndréJ Duerinckx
    Pages 184-192
  15. Debiao Li, Mark B.M. Hofman, Christine H. Lorenz, E. Mark Haacke
    Pages 202-218
  16. Peter G. Danias, Warren J. Manning
    Pages 219-227
  17. Christopher J. Hardy
    Pages 236-241
  18. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 242-244
  19. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 264-266
  20. Arthur E. Stillman, Norbert Wilke, Michael Jerosch-Herold
    Pages 267-271
  21. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 272-273
  22. Stephan Achenbach, Werner Moshage, Daniel M. Chernoff
    Pages 274-282
  23. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 295-297
  24. Steven Dymarkowski, Jan Bogaert
    Pages 298-320
  25. Dudley Pennell
    Pages 321-333
  26. André J. Duerinckx
    Pages 334-335
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 337-342

About this book


In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the clinical applications of coronary angiography techniques. Coronary MRA can be instrumental in the evaluation of congenital coronary artery anomalies, however, the complexity of advanced MR pulse sequences and strategies may be overwhelming to many. Coronary MR Angiography demystifies the art of coronary MRA by providing a text in plain language with clearly illustrated imaging steps and protocols. Designed to bridge the gap between radiology and cardiology, it is written for physicians and scientists planning to incorporate this technique into their research or practice.


Bypass Stent cardiovascular computed tomography (CT) diagnosis magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) physiology radiology respiration ultrasound

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