Anesthetic and Obstetric Management of High-Risk Pregnancy

  • Sanjay Datta
  • David L. Hepner

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Sunil Eappen, Susan E. Ponkey
    Pages 23-26
  3. Ronald J. Hurley, Linda J. Heffner
    Pages 27-31
  4. Linda A. Bulich, Russell W. Jennings
    Pages 33-44
  5. Linda S. Polley, Cosmas J.M. van de Ven
    Pages 45-51
  6. Bhavani Shankar Kodali, Aviva Lee-Parritz
    Pages 53-66
  7. Rakesh B. Vadhera, Gregory J. Locksmith
    Pages 67-86
  8. Ashutosh Wali, Maya S. Suresh, Anthony R. Gregg
    Pages 87-109
  9. Mukesh C. Sarna, Philip Hess, Tamara C. Takoudes, Anjan K. Chaudhury
    Pages 111-131
  10. Angela M. Bader, David Acker
    Pages 133-142
  11. Michael Frölich, Rodney K. Edwards
    Pages 143-153
  12. Phillip S. Mushlin, Karen M. Davidson
    Pages 155-206
  13. Jaya Ramanathan, Jeffery Livingston
    Pages 207-215
  14. John A. Thomas, Jon Rosnes
    Pages 217-231
  15. John P.R. Loughrey, Mehmet R. Genç
    Pages 233-244
  16. Jordan Tarshis, Janet Bodley
    Pages 245-252
  17. Easaw Thomas, George S.H. Yeo, Tony Y.T. Tan
    Pages 253-264
  18. Miriam Harnett, Thomas McElrath
    Pages 265-277
  19. Stephen P. Gatt, David Elliott
    Pages 279-290
  20. Scott Segal, Errol R. Norwitz
    Pages 291-302
  21. Pamela Jane Morgan, Fay Weisberg
    Pages 303-307
  22. David L. Hepner, Louise Wilkins-Haug, Peter W. Marks
    Pages 309-332
  23. May C.M. Pian-Smith, Sanjay Datta, Michael F. Greene
    Pages 333-345
  24. Jonathan H. Skerman, Khalil E. Rajab
    Pages 347-367
  25. Shiv K. Sharma, Kenneth J. Leveno
    Pages 369-380
  26. Lawrence C. Tsen, Errol R. Norwitz
    Pages 381-402
  27. Nancy Kenepp, Ashwin Chatwani
    Pages 403-431
  28. Krzysztof M. Kuczkowski, Laurence S. Reisner, Thomas F. Kelly
    Pages 433-445
  29. Francis A. Rosinia, Alfred Robicheaux
    Pages 447-462
  30. Patricia L. Dalby, Sivam Ramanathan, Joel W. Swanson, Cynthia J. Sims
    Pages 463-490
  31. Andrew P. Harris, Frank R. Witter
    Pages 491-503
  32. Sumedha Panchal, Geeta Sharma
    Pages 505-514
  33. Ingrid Browne, Lois Brustman, Alan Santos
    Pages 515-528
  34. Back Matter
    Pages 529-555

About this book


It has been enormously satisfying to prepare the third edition of Anesthetic and Obstetric Management of High-Risk Pregnancy because it fulfills the need for close communication between two specialties, anesthesiology and obstetrics. This relationship is necessary not only to take care of the sick parturient, but also to deliver a healthy baby. New developments in obstetrics and in obstetric anesthesia necessitated this third edition. Most of the contributors to this edition are new, and they have provided information on the latest approaches, as well as updated information. In addition, Chapter 13, “Critical Care Anesthesia for High-Risk Parturients,” is completely new. Like earlier editions, the third edition includes contributions from an international team of experts in the field of obstetric anesthesia and obstetrics. I thank all the authors for their va- able contributions. The authors have expressed their own opinions and recommendations, which do not necessarily reflect my own views. I also wish to thank Ms. Elizabeth Kiernan for her endless help in completing the new edition. I sincerely hope this edition will further reinforce the concept of the team approach for taking care of the high-risk parturient.


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  • David L. Hepner
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