Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Pedro U. Lima, Luis M. Custódio
    Pages 1-64
  3. Quoc V. Do, Peter Lozo, Lakhmi C. Jain
    Pages 65-103
  4. Rajagoplalan Devanathan, Sun Wenting, Chin Teck Chai, An-drew Shacklock
    Pages 105-133
  5. Roman Smierzchalski, Zbigniew Michalewicz
    Pages 135-153
  6. J.A. Domínguez-López, R.I Damper, R.M. Crowder, C.J. Harris
    Pages 155-199
  7. Cristina Castejón, Dolores Blanco, Beatriz L. Boada, Luis Moreno
    Pages 201-249
  8. Paul E. Rybski, Franziska Zacharias, Maria Gini, Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos
    Pages 251-271
  9. Kok Kiong Tan, Sunan Huang, Ser Yong Lim, Wei Lin
    Pages 273-306

About this book


There exists quite a vast literature on mobile robots, covering fundamental principles on motion control and path-planning in indoor environments using ultrasonic/laser transducers. However, there is a scarcity of books/collective documents on vision based navigation of mobile robots and multi-agent systems. The book Innovations in Robot Mobility and Control fills this gap. It attempts to develop interesting models for vision based map building in indoor and outdoor environments, precise motion control, navigation in dynamic environment, and above all multi-agent co-operation of robots. The most important aspects of this book is that the principles and models introduced in the text are all field-tested, and thus can readily be used in solving real world problems, such as factory automation, disposal of nuclear wastes, landmine clearing and computerized surgery.

The chapters presented in the book have been contributed by specialist researchers from different disciplines of robotics. The book thus is unique in its contents and originality. Though contributed by several researchers, the presentation style of the book is uniform throughout. Primarily meant for graduate students and researchers in robotics, the book is equally useful to interested audience of any discipline for its contents and simplicity in presentation style.


automation autonomous robot computer control environment evolution fuzzy fuzzy control intelligence modeling multi-agent system navigation planning robot robotics

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