Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Masahiro Miura, Tetsuya Satoh
    Pages 1-20
  3. Masahiro Miura, Tetsuya Satoh
    Pages 55-83
  4. Enrique Guitián, Dolores Pérez, Diego Peña
    Pages 109-146
  5. Richard C. Larock
    Pages 147-182
  6. Yoshinori Yamamoto, Itaru Nakamura
    Pages 211-239
  7. Koichi Mikami, Manabu Hatano, Katsuhiro Akiyama
    Pages 279-321
  8. Back Matter

About this book


Palladium is a remarkable metal. In particular, organopalladium chemistry has made remarkable progress over the last 30 years. That progress is still continuing, without any end in sight. This book presents a number of accounts and reviews on the novel Pd-catalyzed reactions discovered mainly in the last five years. The book covers Pd-catalyzed reactions that are new – entirely different from the more standard ones. Topics such as new reactions involving ß-carbon elimination and formation of palladacycles as key reactions, cross-coupling of unactivated alkyl electrophiles with organometallic compounds, arylation via C-H bond cleavage, Pd/norbornene-catalyzed aromatic functionalizations, three-component cyclizations of allenes, use of N-heterocyclic carbenes as ligands, asymmetric reactions catalyzed by Pd(II) compounds such as Lewis acids, cycloadditions of arynes and alkynes, and nucleophilic attack by Pd species are surveyed in detail by researchers who have made important contributions to these fields. The book addresses graduate students majoring in organic synthesis and researchers in academic and industrial institutes.


Ion Organometallic chemistry catalysis electrophile metals palladium transition metal

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