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Toward an International Virtual Observatory

Proceedings of the ESO/ESA/NASA/NSF Conference Held at Garching, Germany, 10-14 June 2002

  • Editors
  • Peter J. Quinn
  • Krzysztof M. Górski
Conference proceedings

Part of the ESO ASTROPHYSICS SYMPOSIA book series (ESO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Edwin A. Valentijn, Konrad Kuijken
    Pages 19-30
  3. David Schade, Pat Dowler, Daniel Durand, Luc Simard, Norm Hill, Severin Gaudet
    Pages 31-36
  4. Oleg Malkov, Olga Dluzhnevskaya, Elena Kilpio, Alexander Kilpio, Dana Kovaleva
    Pages 37-42
  5. Robert A. E. Fosbury, The GOODS teams
    Pages 54-56
  6. Brian P. Abbott, Carter B. Emmart, Stuart Levy, Charles T. Liu
    Pages 57-61
  7. Marcel Kunze
    Pages 62-66
  8. Reagan W. Moore
    Pages 67-74
  9. Guy Rixon, Tony Linde, Elizabeth Auden, Nicholas Walton
    Pages 75-79
  10. Giuseppina Fabbiano
    Pages 80-87
  11. Fabio Pasian, Leopoldo Benacchio, Riccardo Smareglia
    Pages 88-93
  12. Jonathan McDowell
    Pages 101-105
  13. Raymond Plante
    Pages 106-111
  14. François Ochsenbein, Roy Williams, Clive Davenhall, Daniel Durand, Pierre Fernique, Robert Hanisch et al.
    Pages 118-123
  15. Ajit Kembhavi, Hrishikesh Hegde, Sonali Kale, P. R. Krishnan, Vasudev Navelkar, T. M. Vijayaraman
    Pages 124-128

About these proceedings


The book is the first thorough overview of the first important steps to develop a worldwide virtual observatory so that, in the future, it could be easier to "dial-up" a part of the sky than wait many months to access a telescope. The articles in this book present details on the status of the first efforts to develop a standardized framework for the virtual observatory, including steps towards completion and deployment of technical infrastructure, uptake by data providers worldwide, and utilization by the scientific community.


astronomical catalogue astronomical data analysis data mining science data archive star catalogue virtual observatory artificial intelligence astronomy astrophysics data analysis galaxy interferometry observatory planet Population sky star star cluster telescope universe

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