Interacting Particle Systems

  • Thomas M. Liggett

Part of the Classics in Mathematics book series (CLASSICS)

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From the reviews

"[...] This book presents a complete treatment of a new class of random processes, which have been studied intensively during the last fifteen years. None of this material has ever appeared in book form before. …The high quality of this work, on a technically difficult subject, makes a fascinating subject and its open problem as accessible as possible. [...]F.L. Spitzer in Mathematical Reviews, 1986

" [...] This book, the first monographic presentation of this important and rapidly developing theory, will prove indispensable to every serious student of stochastics [...]" S. Gacsályi in Publicationes Mathematicae, 1986

"[...] However, it can be said that the author has succeeded in what even experts are seldom able to achieve: To write a clearcut and inspiring book on his favorite subject which meets most, if not all requirements which can be imposed on a comprehensive text on an important new field. The author can be congratulated on his excellent presentation of the theory of interacting particle systems. The book is highly recommended to everyone who works on or is interested in this subject: to probabilists, physicists and theoretical biologists. [...]"
G. Rosenkranz in Methods of Information in Medicine, 1986


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