Earth Observation with CHAMP

Results from Three Years in Orbit

  • Christoph Reigber
  • Hermann Lühr
  • Peter Schwintzer
  • Jens Wickert

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Orbit and Earth Gravity Field

    1. Erik R. Ivins, Eric Rignot, Xiaoping Wu, Thomas S. James, Gino Casassa
      Pages 3-12
    2. Lóránt Földváry, Dražen Švehla, Christian Gerlach, Martin Wermuth, Thomas Gruber, Reiner Rummel et al.
      Pages 13-18
    3. Christoph Reigber, Horst Jochmann, Johann Wünsch, Svetozar Petrovic, Peter Schwintzer, Franz Barthelmes et al.
      Pages 25-30
    4. Jürgen Neumeyer, Peter Schwintzer, Franz Barthelmes, Olaf Dierks, Yuichi Imanishi, Corinna Kroner et al.
      Pages 31-36
    5. David McAdoo, Carl Wagner, Seymour Laxon
      Pages 37-46
    6. Rolf König, Grzegorz Michalak, Karl Hans Neumayer, Roland Schmidt, Sheng Yuan Zhu, Heribert Meixner et al.
      Pages 65-70
    7. Karl Hans Neumayer, Grzegorz Michalak, Rolf König
      Pages 71-76
    8. Félix Perosanz, Richard Biancale, Jean Michel Lemoine, Nicole Vales, Sylvain Loyer, Sean Bruinsma
      Pages 77-82
    9. Bibo Peng, Bin Wu, Jun Li, Houze Hsu
      Pages 83-88
    10. Adrian Jäggi, Heike Bock, Urs Hugentobler, Gerhard Beutler
      Pages 89-94
    11. Jose van den IJssel, Pieter Visser, Roger Haagmans
      Pages 95-100
    12. Robert H. Gooding, Carl A. Wagner, Jaroslav Klokočník, Jan Kostelecký, Christoph Reigber
      Pages 101-107
    13. Shin-Chan Han, C.K. Shum, Christopher Jekeli, Alexander Braun, Yiqun Chen, Chung-Yen Kuo
      Pages 108-114
    14. Karl Heinz Ilk, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Martin Feuchtinger
      Pages 127-132
    15. Martin J. Fengler, Willi Freeden, Jürgen Kusche
      Pages 139-144
    16. Martin J. Fengler, Willi Freeden, Martin Gutting
      Pages 145-150
    17. Torsten Mayer-Guerr, Martin Feuchtinger, Juergen Kusche
      Pages 151-156
    18. Heike Bock, Urs Hugentobler, Adrian Jäggi, Gerhard Beutler
      Pages 157-162
    19. Zhang Qiang, Philip Moore
      Pages 163-168
    20. Christoph Förste, Sunchan Choi
      Pages 169-174
    21. Rolf König, Grzegorz Michalak, Ludwig Grunwaldt, Christoph Reigber
      Pages 175-180
    22. Laramie V. Potts, C. K. Shum, Ralph von Frese, Shin-Chan Han, Rainer Mautz
      Pages 193-198
    23. Mikhail K. Kaban, Peter Schwintzer, Christoph Reigber
      Pages 199-204
    24. Verena Seufer, Jens Schröter, Manfred Wenzel, Wolfgang Keller
      Pages 205-210
    25. Gennady Kivman, Sergey Danilov, Bernadette Fritzsch, Sven Harig, Christian Reick, Jens Schröter et al.
      Pages 211-216
    26. Kevin Fleming, Zdeněk Martinec, Jan Hagedoorn, Detlef Wolf
      Pages 217-222
    27. Rainer Mautzl, Burkhard Schaffrin, C. K. Shum, Shin-Chan Han
      Pages 230-236
  3. Earth Magnetic Field

    1. Matthias Förster, Martin Rother, Hermann Lühr
      Pages 239-248
    2. Cathrine Fox Maule, Michael E. Purucker, Nils Olsen
      Pages 255-260
    3. Hyung Rae Kim, Luis R. Gaya-Piqué, Ralph R. B. von Frese, Patrick T. Taylor, Jeong Woo Kim
      Pages 261-266
    4. Katherine A. Nazarova, Yuri Tsvetkov, James Heirtzler, Terence Sabaka
      Pages 273-278
    5. Patrick T. Taylor, Käroly I. Kis, Ralph R. B. von Frese, Juha V. Korhonen, Géza Wittmann, Hyung Rae Kim et al.
      Pages 279-286
    6. Ralph R.B. von Frese, Hyung Rae Kim, Patrick T. Taylor, Mohanmmad F. Asgharzadeh
      Pages 287-292
    7. Stefan Maus, Hermann Lühr, Georgios Balasis, Martin Rother, Mioara Mandea
      Pages 293-298
    8. Ingo Wardinski, Richard Holme
      Pages 305-310

About this book


In the summer of 2000 the German geo-research satellite CHAMP was launched into orbit. Its innovative payload arrangement and the low initial orbit allow CHAMP to simultaneously collect and almost continuously analyse precise data relating to gravity and magnetic fields at low altitude. In addition, CHAMP also measures the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere using GPS techniques. Three years after launch, more than 200 CHAMP investigators and co-investigators from all over the world met at the GeoForschungsZentrum in Potsdam to present and discuss the results derived from the  extensive data sets of the mission. The main outcome of this expert meeting is summarized in this volume. The book offers a comprehensive insight into the present status of the exploitation of CHAMP data for Earth system research and practical applications in geodesy, geophysics and meteorology.


Atmosphere sounding CHAMP satellite mission Earth System Earth gravity field Geomagnetism Gravity Ionospheric studies Orbit geodesy geophysics magnetic field magnetism satellite

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