Developments in Spatial Data Handling

11th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling

  • Peter F. Fisher
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Plenary of Submitted Papers

    1. Peter van Oosterom, Wilko Quak, Theo Tijssen
      Pages 1-16
    2. Chris Gold, Michael Chau, Marcin Dzieszko, Rafel Goralski
      Pages 17-28
    3. Gregory Elmes, Michael Dougherty, Hallie Challig, Wilbert Karigomba, Brent McCusker, Daniel Weiner
      Pages 29-39
  3. Web GIS

    1. M. Howard Williams, Omar Dreza
      Pages 59-70
    2. Michael Govorov, Youry Khmelevsky, Vasiliy Ustimenko, Alexei Khorev
      Pages 71-83
  4. Elevation modelling

    1. Leonor Maria, Oliveira Malva
      Pages 125-136
    2. Yuanxin Liu, Jack Snoeyink
      Pages 137-148
  5. Vagueness and Interpolation

  6. Temporal

    1. Menno-Jan Kraak, Alexandra Koussoulakou
      Pages 189-200
    2. Patrick Laube, Marc van Kreveld, Stephan Imfeld
      Pages 201-215
  7. Indexing

    1. Karim Zerioh, Omar El Beqqali, Robert Laurini
      Pages 217-230
    2. Marc van Kreveld, Iris Reinbacher, Avi Arampatzis, Roelof van Zwol
      Pages 231-243
    3. Lukasz Wawrzyniak, Pascal Matsakis, Dennis Nikitenko
      Pages 245-257
    4. Guillaume Noël, Sylvie Servigne, Robert Laurini
      Pages 259-270
  8. Uncertainty

    1. Sungsoon Hwang, Jean-Claude Thill
      Pages 271-283
    2. Yong Ge, Yee Leung, Jianghong Ma, Jinfeng Wang
      Pages 285-297
    3. Tao Cheng, Pete Fisher, Zhilin Li
      Pages 299-313
    4. Cidália Costa Fonte, Weldon A. Lodwick
      Pages 315-326
  9. Generalisation

    1. Sylvain Bard, Anne Ruas
      Pages 327-342
    2. Monika Sester, Claus Brenner
      Pages 355-368
    3. Sheng Zhou, Christopher B. Jones
      Pages 369-380
  10. Spatial Relationships

  11. Urban Infrastructure

    1. Steven A. Roberts, G. Brent Hall, Barry Boots
      Pages 435-446
    2. Alias Abdullah, Muhammad Faris Abdullah, Muhammad Nur Azraei Shahbudin
      Pages 459-468
  12. Navigation

    1. Lars Harrie, Hanna Stigmar, Tommi Koivula, Lassi Lehto
      Pages 493-507
  13. Working with Elevation

  14. Semantics and Ontologies

    1. Alexandre Sorokine, Thomas Bittner
      Pages 559-572
    2. Alexis Comber, Peter Fisher, Richard Wadsworth
      Pages 573-583
  15. Data Quality and Metadata

    1. Anders Friis-Christensen, Jesper V. Christensen, Christian S. Jensen
      Pages 605-616
  16. Spatial Statistics

    1. Ferko Csillag, Barry Boots
      Pages 641-652

About these proceedings


The International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling (SDH) commenced in 1984, in Zurich, Switzerland, organized by the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Data Sensing and Processing which was later succeed by the Commission on Geographic Information Systems, Study Group on Geographical Information Science and then the Commission on Geographical Information Science (http://www. hku. hk/cupem/igugisc/). Previous symposia have been held at the following locations: 1st - Zurich, 1984 6th - Edinburgh, 1994 2nd - Seattle, 1986 7th - Delft, 1996 3rd - Sydney, 1988 8th - Vancouver, 1998 4th - Zurich, 1990 9th - Beijing, 2000 5th - Charleston, 1992 10th - Ottawa, 2002 th This book is the proceedings of the 11 International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling. The conference was held in Leicester, United rd th Kingdom, on August 23 to 25 2004, as a satellite meeting to the Congress of the International Geographical Union in Glasgow. The International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling is a refereed conference. All the papers in this book were submitted as full papers and reviewed by at least two members of the Programme Committee. 83 papers in all were submitted and among the 50 included here, all are considered above average by the reviewers. The papers cover the span of Geographical Information Science topics, which have always been the concern of the conference. Topics from uncertainty (error, vagueness, and ontology and semantics) to web issues, digital elevation models and urban infrastructure.


Cartography GIS Geoinformatics Geoinformation Geoinformationssysteme Geomatics ecosystem geographic data geospatial remote sensing

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  • Peter F. Fisher
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  1. 1.Department of Informations ScienceCity UniversityLondonUK

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