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Turbomachinery Flow Physics and Dynamic Performance


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  2. Turbomachinery Flow Physics

  3. Turbomachinery Losses, Efficiencies, Blades

    1. Meinhard Schobeiri
      Pages 177-214
    2. Meinhard Schobeiri
      Pages 215-225
  4. Pages 227-250
  5. Turbomachinery Losses, Efficiencies, Blades

    1. Meinhard Schobeiri
      Pages 227-250
    2. Meinhard Schobeiri
      Pages 251-262

About this book


Over the past three decades turbomachines experienced a steep increase in efficiency and performance. Based on fundamental principles of turbomachinery thermo-fluid mechanics, numerous CFD based calculation methods are being developed to simulate the complex 3-dimensional, highly unsteady turbulent flow within turbine or compressor stages. The objective of this book is to present the fundamental principals of turbomachinery fluid-thermodynamic design process of turbine and compressor components, power generation and aircraft gas turbines in a unified and compact manner. The book provides senior undergraduate students, graduate students and engineers in the turbomachinery industry with a solid background of turbomachinery flow physics and performance fundamentals that are essential for understanding turbomachinery performance and flow complexes.


combustion computational fluid dynamics fluid mechanics gas turbine modeling power generation turbomachinery

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