Rectal Cancer

New Frontiers in Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

  • Gian Gaetano Delaini

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages X-XII
  2. Stefano Tardivo, William Mantovani, Emanuele Torri, Albino Poli
    Pages 1-21
  3. Riccardo Manfredi, Giulia Zamboni, Giovanni Carbognin, Farah Moore, Rossella Graziani
    Pages 23-34
  4. Giulio Aniello Santoro, Carlo Ratto
    Pages 35-49
  5. Paola Capelli, Sara Pecori, Guido Martignoni, Laura Bortesi, Marta Gobbato, Fabio Menestrina
    Pages 57-72
  6. Leif Hultèn, Gian Gaetano Delaini, Marco Scaglia, Gianluca Colucci
    Pages 73-77
  7. Filippo Nifosí, Michele Rossi, Gianluca Colucci, Gian Gaetano Delaini
    Pages 79-83
  8. Leif Hultèn, Gian Gaetano Delaini, Marco Scaglia, Gianluca Colucci
    Pages 85-88
  9. Gian Gaetano Delaini, Gianluca Colucci
    Pages 89-95
  10. Gerardo Mangiante, Annalisa Castelli, Birgit Feil
    Pages 97-99
  11. Diego Segre, Paola Sorba Casalegno, Herbert M. Dal Corso, Gian Gaetano Delaini, Felice Borghi
    Pages 101-106
  12. Tomasš Skricka
    Pages 107-114
  13. Adam Dziki
    Pages 115-129
  14. Gian Andrea Binda, Alberto Serventi
    Pages 131-136
  15. Felice Borghi, Danilo Donati, Gian Gaetano Delaini, Diego Segre
    Pages 137-146
  16. Gian Gaetano Delaini, Marco Scaglia, Gianluca Colucci, Leif Hultén
    Pages 147-155
  17. Petr Tsarkov
    Pages 157-165
  18. Annibale D’Annibale, Emilio Morpurgo, Nicola Menin
    Pages 167-176
  19. Giovanni Romano, Francesco Bianco, Guido Ciorra
    Pages 177-182
  20. Zoran Krivokapic, Ivan Dimitrijević
    Pages 189-196
  21. Francesco Selvaggi, Antonio Giuliani, Guido Sciaudone
    Pages 197-201
  22. Gian Gaetano Delaini, Barbara Carrara, Peter Marinello, Gianluca Colucci
    Pages 203-213
  23. Martina Padovani, Cristina Oliani
    Pages 215-220
  24. Mario Romano, Antonio B. Porcaro
    Pages 221-225
  25. Alfredo Guglielmi, Silvia Pachera, Andrea Ruzzenente
    Pages 227-241
  26. Maurizio Cantore, Alfonso Del Freo, Andrea Mambrini, Giammaria Fiorentini
    Pages 243-251
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 253-253

About this book


Despite lifestyle improvements, the incidence of rectal cancer is increasing in industrialised countries. Rapid advances in technology, growing knowledge of the biological history of the disease and closer attention to patients' quality of life after surgery have led to a less invasive approach. In the last 15 years, the surgical approach has shifted from extended resection to sphincter-saving procedures, featuring a multidiscipinary approach and a high level of specialisation. The experienced surgeon can plan and choose the "right treatment for the right patient" only with the support of the radiologist, endoscopist and pathologist (preoperative staging), oncologist and radiotherapist (neoadjuvant therapy), and psychologist and stomatherapist (rehabilitation). In addition, the difficult problems of salvage procedure and the reconstruction of anal sphincter after abdominal resection are explored.

The aim of this book is to clarify the rapid advances and to offer guidelines for doctors dealing with rectal cancer. Taking into account indications, contraindications, risks, benefits and controversies, the authors offer clear and practice-oriented answers for a wide range of specialists and experts, as well as those new to the field.


Staging anatomy cancer chemotherapy diagnosis endoscopy imaging metastasis oncology physiology radiation radiation oncology rehabilitation surgery ultrasound

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  • Gian Gaetano Delaini
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  1. 1.Department of Surgery and GastroenterologyUniversity of VeronaVeronaItaly

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