Cores to Clusters

A Scientific Autobiography

  • M. S. N. Kumar
  • M. Tafalla
  • P. Caselli
Conference proceedings

Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 324)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Review Articles

    1. Malcolm Walmsley
      Pages 3-14
    2. A. P. Whitworth
      Pages 15-30
    3. Mario Tafalla
      Pages 31-46
    4. Paola Caselli
      Pages 47-66
    5. Anne-Katharina Jappsen, Ralf S. Klessen, Richard B. Larson, Yuexing Li, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low
      Pages 77-86
    6. Jonathan C. Tan
      Pages 87-104
    7. Henrik Beuther, Debra Shepherd
      Pages 105-120
    8. Riccardo Cesaroni
      Pages 131-140
    9. Elizabeth A. Lada
      Pages 141-153
    10. M. S. N. Kumar
      Pages 155-166
    11. A. Moitinho, C. J. Lada, N. Huélamo, J. F. Alves, A. A. Muench
      Pages 167-176
    12. R. Rebolo
      Pages 177-187
  3. Contributed Poster Articles

    1. Paula S. Teixeira, Charles J. Lada, João Alves
      Pages 191-196
    2. S. Vig, S. K. Ghosh, D. K. Ojha, R. P. Verma
      Pages 197-202
    3. L. Podio, F. Bacciotti, B. Nisini, T. Giannini, F. Massi, J. Eislöffel et al.
      Pages 203-208
    4. András Gáspár, Zoltán Balog, Zoltán Makai, József Vinkó, Scott J. Kenyon
      Pages 209-214
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 215-222

About these proceedings


Toward the second half of this decade, several major telescope facilities operating in the infrared, sub-millimeter, and millimeter wave bands will become operational. These missions are expected to throw much light on our understanding of the star formation phenomenon, which is one of the primary science goals in these wave bands. This book contains the proceedings of the "Cores to Clusters" workshop held at Centro de Astrofisica da Universidade do Porto. The mission of the workshop was to discuss current and future issues in star formation physics in the light of these Next Generation Telescopes.

This book is comprised of a mixture of articles that provide a comprehensive coverage of current topics including both low and high mass star formation. It serves as a practical compendium for graduate students and young researchers working in the field of star formation.


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  • M. S. N. Kumar
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  • M. Tafalla
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  • P. Caselli
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  1. 1.CAUPUniversity of PortoPortoPortugal
  2. 2.National Astronomical ObservatoryMadridSpain
  3. 3.INAFArcetri Astrophysical ObservatoryFlorenceItaly

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