Polarization Optics in Telecommunications

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  • Jay┬áN.┬áDamask

Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 101)

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The strong investments into optical telecommunications in the late 1990s

resulted in a wealth of new research, techniques, component designs, and

understanding of polarization effects in fiber. Polarization Optics in

Telecommunications brings together recent advances in the field to create a

standard, practical reference for component designers and optical fiber

communication engineers. Beginning with a sound foundation in

electromagnetism, the author offers a dissertation of the spin-vector

formalism of polarization and the interaction of light with media.

Applications discussed include optical isolators, optical circulators,

fiber collimators, and a variety of applied waveplate and prism

combinations. Also included in an extended discussion of polarization-mode

dispersion (PMD) and polarization-dependent loss (PDL), their

representation, behavior, statistical properties, and measurement. This

book draws extensively from the technical and patent literature and is an

up-to-date reference for researchers and component designers in industry

and academia.


Dispersion communication electromagnetism optics polarization telecommunications

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