Kindling 6

  • Michael E. Corcoran
  • Solomon L. Moshé
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 55)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Pathogenesis of Kindling

    1. Developmental Patterns

      1. Margaret N. Shouse, John C. Scordato, Paul R. Farber
        Pages 1-10
      2. Jana Velíšková, Jeremy Asnis, Fred A. Lado, Dan C. McIntyre
        Pages 19-26
      3. Deborah Saucier, Avril Keller, Aaron Sheerin, R. Daniel LaPorte, Jerome Y. Yager
        Pages 27-36
      4. Filiz Yilmaz Onat, Esat Eşkazan, Rezzan Aker
        Pages 37-47
    2. Electrophysiology

      1. Wytse J. Wadman, Rogier Min, Guangchun Sun
        Pages 61-70
      2. Rafael Gutiérrez, Gisela Gómez-Lira, Carmen Vivar, Jasmín Maqueda, Mónica Ramírez, Mónica Lamas et al.
        Pages 71-79
      3. L. Stan Leung, Xinhuai Liu, Kevin J. Canning, Bixia Shen
        Pages 81-90
      4. Uwe Heinemann, Doris Albrecht, Achim Behr, Tengis Gloveli
        Pages 91-97
    3. Anatomy, Morphology, and Neural Circuitry

      1. Shigeru Chiba, Takahiro Ishimoto, Yuji Ishimaru, Yoshiyuki Tamura, Akihiko Nunomura
        Pages 99-113
      2. Aaron Sheerin, Xia Zhang, Deb Saucier, Michael Corcoran
        Pages 115-124
      3. G. Campbell Teskey, Corey Flynn, Marie-H. Monfils, Crystal D. Goertzen, Luke C. Henry, Pamela A. Valentine
        Pages 125-135
      4. Pages 161-169
    4. Genes, Species, and Strains

      1. Dong Liang, Thomas N. Seyfried
        Pages 181-188
      2. John T. Slevin, Sidney W. Whiteheart, Thomas C. Vanaman
        Pages 189-197
    5. Synaptic Pharmacology and Neurochemistry

      1. Patricia Shinnick-Gallagher
        Pages 199-208
      2. Michele Simonato, Manuela Mazzuferi, Donata Rodi, Anna Binaschi, Simona Mantovani, Brice Ongali et al.
        Pages 209-217
      3. Merab Kokaia
        Pages 219-227
      4. Ronald J. Racine, Margaret Fahnestock, Bin Xu
        Pages 229-240
      5. James O. McNamara, Xiao-Ping He, Robert Kotloski
        Pages 241-247
      6. Cristina Richichi, Ramla Benmaamar, Marco Gobbi, En-Ju D. Lin, Matthew J. During, Gunther Sperk et al.
        Pages 249-261
  3. Behavioral Consequences of Kindling

    1. Darren K. Hannesson, Ken Wolfe, Michael E. Corcoran
      Pages 273-283
    2. Lisa E. Kalynchuk, Amanda J. Wintink
      Pages 285-294
    3. Steven J. Barnes, John P. J. Pinel
      Pages 295-303
  4. Drugs and Interventions Against Kindling

    1. R. M. Post, Z -J Zhang, S. R. B. Weiss, G. Xing, K. Obeng
      Pages 305-314
    2. Heidrun Potschka, Wolfgang Löscher
      Pages 315-323
    3. W. McIntyre Burnham, Deborah Lonsdale, Afshin Shahzamani, Claudia Perez-Cruz, Heather E. Edwards
      Pages 325-332
    4. Michael E. Corcoran, Deborah Saucier, Xia Zhang, Aaron Sheerin, Kenneth Wolfe
      Pages 333-342
    5. Pages 355-360
  5. Clinical Relevance of Kindling for Our Understanding of Epilepsy in Patients

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 413-415

About these proceedings


Kindling is the dominant animal model of epilepsy and the processes underlying the development of epilepsy. Studies of kindling have led to important insights into the mechanisms of epilepsy and potential treatments for seizures and seizure development. These proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Kindling, held on June 2004 in Victoria, British Columbia, report the results of cutting-edge research on kindling and closely related phenomena. A broad array of themes concerned with research on epilepsy and kindling is covered in the book:

Pathogenesis of kindling, including developmental patterns; electrophysiology; anatomy, morphology, and neural circuitry; genes, species, and strains; synaptic pharmacology and neurochemistry

Behavioral consequences of kindling

Drugs and interventions against kindling

Clinical relevance of kindling for our understanding of epilepsy in patients

About the Editors:

Michael Corcoran is a Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the College of Medicine at University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada. Solomon L. Moshe is Professor and Vice Chairman of Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York.


brainstem cannabinoid cortex dopamine phenotype psychosis

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  • Solomon L. Moshé
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  1. 1.University of SaskatchewanSaskatoonCanada
  2. 2.Albert Einstein College of MedicineYeshiva UniversityBronxUSA

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