Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

  • Dakshesh H. Parikh
  • David C. G. Crabbe
  • Alexander W. Auldist
  • Steven S. Rothenberg

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Fundamental Considerations

    1. Dakshesh H. Parikh
      Pages 3-17
    2. Caroline Beardsmore
      Pages 27-39
    3. Rosemary J. Arthur, Jennette Kraft
      Pages 41-56
    4. Oliver Bagshaw, Steven Cray
      Pages 57-74
    5. Steven S. Rothenberg
      Pages 75-80
    6. Dakshesh H. Parikh, David C. G. Crabbe
      Pages 81-92
  3. Infection

    1. Tim W. R. Lee, Keith G. Brownlee, Philip A. J. Chetcuti
      Pages 95-108
    2. Dakshesh H. Parikh
      Pages 109-127
    3. Pankaj R. Parekh
      Pages 129-143
    4. John Hewitson
      Pages 145-159
    5. Alex W. Auldist, Russell Blakelock
      Pages 161-167
    6. John Hewitson
      Pages 169-178
    7. Devendra K Gupta, Shilpa Sharma
      Pages 179-190
  4. Trauma

    1. Joe Crameri, Kate Ferguson
      Pages 193-198
    2. Joe Crameri, Kate Ferguson
      Pages 199-212
    3. Joe Crameri, Kate Ferguson
      Pages 213-221
  5. Tumours

    1. Juan A. Tovar
      Pages 225-233
    2. G. S. Arul, Dakshesh H. Parikh, Bommayya Narayanaswamy
      Pages 235-250
    3. Dakshesh H. Parikh
      Pages 251-259
    4. Khalid Sharif, Dakshesh H. Parikh
      Pages 261-277
  6. Esophagus

    1. Spencer Beasley
      Pages 281-309
    2. Philip Morreau
      Pages 311-320
    3. Juan Carlos Pattillo, Alex W. Auldist
      Pages 321-333
    4. Philip Morreau
      Pages 335-340
    5. Alex W. Auldist, Thomas Clarnette, Naeem Samnakay
      Pages 341-355
    6. Tom Clarnette
      Pages 357-361
  7. Trachea

    1. David C. G. Crabbe
      Pages 365-371
    2. David J. Barron, William J. Brawn
      Pages 373-381
    3. Todd A. Ponsky, Steven S. Rothenberg
      Pages 383-388
  8. Lung Disease

    1. Steven S. Rothenberg
      Pages 391-398
    2. Steven S. Rothenberg
      Pages 399-405
    3. Steven S. Rothenberg
      Pages 407-410
    4. Sundeep Harigopal, Nigel John Shaw
      Pages 411-425
    5. Sarah Brown, Ian M. Balfour-Lynn
      Pages 427-443
    6. Samantha J. Moss, David A. Spencer
      Pages 445-453
    7. Maya Desai
      Pages 455-463
    8. Timothy J. Bradnock, David C. G. Crabbe
      Pages 465-480
  9. Diaphragm

    1. Harriet J. Corbett, Paul D. Losty
      Pages 483-499
    2. David C. G. Crabbe
      Pages 501-508
    3. Gregor M. Walker, Carl F. Davis
      Pages 509-522
    4. Hélène Flageole, Michael G. Davis
      Pages 523-532
  10. Chest Wall Abnormalities

    1. Robert E. Kelly, Donald Nuss
      Pages 535-545
    2. Malcolm Simms, Ashvini Menon
      Pages 547-556
    3. Alastair J. W. Millar, Heinz Rode, Jenny Thomas, John Hewitson
      Pages 557-569
  11. Miscellaneous

    1. David Lasko, Jacob C. Langer
      Pages 573-577
    2. David C. G. Crabbe, Dakshesh H. Parikh
      Pages 579-588
    3. David C. G. Crabbe, Dakshesh H. Parikh
      Pages 589-600
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 601-614

About this book


Pediatric Thoracic Surgery provides comprehensive coverage of the newer developments and the most up-to-date information on many areas showing that morbidity in thoracic surgery has been immensely reduced as a result of new minor technical changes, significantly improving outcome. Recently, innovative flaps for broncho-pleural fistulas in children have helped to reduce morbidity, more aggressive surgery for thoracic malignancies in children have helped to improve their outcome and some of the newer materials and technological advances have changed overall outlook for thoracic wall tumours. Similarly, the outcome of pediatric thoracic trauma and some of the rare conditions have improved because of better understanding and operative interventions. Delayed intervention by preoperative stabilisation is an example of better understanding of the pathological process.

Pediatric Thoracic Surgery, with contributions from experts worldwide, covers the field (non-cardiac) in significant depth and is a useful reference work for pediatric and thoracic surgeons. It is also a valuable guide for both adult and pediatric surgeons managing pediatric thoracic surgery on occasional basis or only during acute emergency. Pediatric respiratory physicians, anesthetists and fetal medicine doctors will also find this work of interest.


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  • Dakshesh H. Parikh
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  • David C. G. Crabbe
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  • Alexander W. Auldist
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  • Steven S. Rothenberg
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  1. 1.Department of Paediatric SurgeryBirmingham Children&s HospitalBirminghamUnited Kingdom
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