Practical Nuclear Medicine

  • Peter F. Sharp
  • Howard G. Gemmell
  • Alison D. Murray

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Peter F. Sharp, Keith A. Goatman
    Pages 1-19
  3. Howard G. Gemmell, Roger T. Staff
    Pages 21-33
  4. Peter F. Sharp, Andy Welch
    Pages 35-48
  5. Alex T. Elliott, Thomas E. Hilditch
    Pages 49-64
  6. Alex T. Elliott
    Pages 65-90
  7. Philip P. Dendy, Karen E. Goldstone, Adrian Parkin, Robert W. Barber
    Pages 91-111
  8. James Doherty, David Graham
    Pages 113-141
  9. Margaret E. Brooks
    Pages 143-161
  10. Malcolm J. Metcalfe
    Pages 163-177
  11. Henry W. Gray
    Pages 179-204
  12. Philip S. Cosgriff
    Pages 205-229
  13. Alison D. Murray
    Pages 231-246
  14. William H. Martin, Martin P. Sandler, Milton D. Gross
    Pages 247-272
  15. Leslie K. Harding, Alp Notghi
    Pages 273-304
  16. A. Michael Peters, Heok K. Cheow
    Pages 305-332
  17. Alan C. Perkins
    Pages 333-346
  18. Gary J. R. Cook
    Pages 347-364
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 365-382

About this book


Nuclear medicine plays a crucial role in patient care and this book is an essential guide for all practitioners to the many techniques that inform clinical management. The first part covers the scientific basis of nuclear medicine, the rest of the book deals with clinical applications. With a particular emphasis throughout on the practice of nuclear medicine, real-life practical problems encountered in nuclear medicine both in clinical practice and in the introduction of new techniques are addressed.

Following on the success of the previous edition, this book is also expanded by covering areas of development in nuclear medicine, such as PET, methods of tumor imaging and data processing. All illustrations for this new edition reflect current standards of image quality.

This practical approach results in a book which is invaluable to the radiologist, physician, physicist or technologist starting in nuclear medicine but also contains up-to-date advice for the most experienced practitioner.


Nuclear Medicine Tumor computed tomography (CT) gamma imaging positron emission tomography radio-pharmaceuticals

Editors and affiliations

  • Peter F. Sharp
    • 1
  • Howard G. Gemmell
    • 2
  • Alison D. Murray
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Biomedical Physics and BioengineeringAberdeen University and NHS GrampianUK
  2. 2.Department of Nuclear MedicineAberdeen Royal Infirmary NHS GrampianAberdeenUK
  3. 3.Department of Radiology, College of Life Sciences and MedicineUniversity of AberdeenUK

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