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Analog Design Essentials


Part of the The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science book series (SECS, volume 859)

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About this book


This book is entitled Analog Design Essentials because it contains all topics of importance to the analog designer which are essential to obtain sufficient insights to do a thorough job.

The book starts with elementary stages in building up operational amplifiers. The synthesis of opamps is covered in great detail, such that lowest power consumption is always guaranteed. Many examples are included, operating at low supply voltages. Chapters on noise, distortion, filters, ADC/DACs and oscillators follow. These are all based on the extensive amount of teaching that the author has carried out both at universities and companies world-wide. All chapters have been drawn up specifically for self-study. They aim, however, at different levels of understanding. All start with elementary material. Most chapters also contain advanced material, especially from Chapter 9 onwards.

A new format is used for this book. This has the advantages that the material used for teaching is also the material used by the student, and that only one additional aspect is explained per slide. The student can thus easily monitor their progress in understanding.

It is hoped that this new format provides a better structure in both teaching and studying these essential topics in analog design.


CMOS IC LED Signal Transistor analog consumption filter integrated circuit metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor single-electron transistor static-induction transistor

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From the reviews:

"The book itself has 24 chapters and covers basic transistor concepts and amplifier design as well as more advanced topics such as filter design, oscillators, and analog and digital conversion. The color slides include circuit diagrams along with topic headings as well as some references. The book concludes with a comprehensive index. … is particularly useful for the photonics researcher. The book is ideal for self-study." (Bogdan Hoanca, Optics and Photonics News, February, 2008)