In vivo Models of HIV Disease and Control

  • Herman Friedman
  • Steven Specter
  • Mauro Bendinelli

Part of the Infectious Diseases and Pathogenesis book series (IAPA)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Murray B. Gardner
    Pages 1-18
  3. Eric R. Anderson, Huangui Xiong, Howard E. Gendelman
    Pages 19-43
  4. Howard E. Gendelman, Eric R. Anderson, Loyda Melendez, Jialin Zheng
    Pages 45-80
  5. Caterina Lapenta, Stefano M. Santini, Massimo Spada, Filippo Belardelli
    Pages 81-99
  6. Ulrike Sauermann, Sieghart Sopper
    Pages 101-119
  7. Koen K. A. van Rompay, Raman P. Singh, Marta L. Marthas
    Pages 121-147
  8. Ellen E. Sparger
    Pages 149-237
  9. Thomas W. Vahlenkamp, Mary B. Tompkins, Wayne A. F. Tompkins
    Pages 239-273
  10. Margaret C. Barr, Maria Pia Testa, Tom R. Phillips
    Pages 275-291
  11. Stephen Dunham, Oswald Jarrett
    Pages 293-332
  12. Katrin Hartmann, Christiane Stengel
    Pages 333-364
  13. Susan L. Payne, Wah-Seng Lim, Frederick J. Fuller, Judith M. Ball
    Pages 365-390
  14. Mauro Pistello
    Pages 425-428
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 429-436

About this book


An AIDS vaccine is still elusive and HIV treatment continues to develop multidrug resistance at alarming rates. Because of the similarities between HIV and immune deficiency infections in a variety of animals, it is only natural that scientists use these animals as models to study pathogenesis, treatment, vaccine development and many other aspects of HIV.

Part of the series Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis, this volume reviews the immune deficiency virus in a variety of hosts. Pathogenesis, vaccine and drug development, epidemiology, and the natural history of the monkey, mouse, cat, cow, horse, and other animal viruses are detailed and compared to HIV. Also included are chapters on the history and future of animal models, as well as a chapter on ethical and safety considerations in using animal models for AIDS studies.


AIDS AIDS vaccine Chemokine Epidemiology HIV infection infections infectious vaccine virus

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