Impact of Mineral Impurities in Solid Fuel Combustion

  • R. P. Gupta
  • T. F. Wall
  • L. Baxter

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Keynote Papers

    1. Steven A. Benson, Everett A. Sondreal
      Pages 1-21
    2. Colin R. Ward
      Pages 23-32
    3. Dong-ke Zhang’, Peter J. Jackson, Hari B. Vuthaluru
      Pages 45-64
    4. R. P. Gupta, T. F. Wall, L. Baxter
      Pages 65-84
  3. Mineral Matter, Ash and Slag Characterisation

    1. Ole Hede Larsen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Lone A. Hansen, Signe Vargas, Kim Dam-Johansen, Karin Laursen et al.
      Pages 133-145
    2. Mika E. Virtanen, Ritva E. A. Heikkinen, H. Tapio Patrikainen, Risto S. Laitinen, Bengt-Johan Skrifvars, Mikko Hupa
      Pages 147-154
    3. S. K. Gupta, R. P. Gupta, G. W. Bryant, L. Juniper, T. F. Wall
      Pages 155-169
    4. Lone A. Hansen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Kim Dam-Johansen
      Pages 181-193
    5. John P. Hurley, Bruce A. Dockter, Troy A. Roling, Jan W. Nowok
      Pages 195-204
    6. Karin Laursen, Flemming J. Frandsen
      Pages 205-216
    7. Minna S. Tiainen, Juha S. Ryynänen, Juha T. Rantala, H. Tapio Patrikainen, Risto S. Laitinen
      Pages 217-224
    8. R. P. Gupta, L. Yan, E. M. Kennedy, T. F. Wall, M. Masson, K. Kerrison
      Pages 225-235
  4. The Use of Low-rank and Low-grade Coals and Cofiring

    1. Allen L. Robinson, Larry L. Baxter, Gian Sclippa, Helle Junker, Karl E. Widell, Dave C. Dayton et al.
      Pages 247-258
    2. Flemming J. Frandsen, Hanne P. Nielsen, Peter A. Jensen, Lone A. Hansen, Hans Livbjerg, Kirn Dam-Johansen et al.
      Pages 271-283
    3. Takashi Kiga, Takehiko Ito, Motoya Nakamura, Shinji Watanabe
      Pages 285-295
    4. Nicholas J. Manton, Jim Williamson, Gerry S. Riley
      Pages 297-308
    5. Hari Babu Vuthaluru, Dong-ke Zhang
      Pages 309-318
    6. Ritva E. A. Heikkinen, Mika E. Virtanen, H. Tapio Patrikainen, Risto S. Laitinen
      Pages 333-339
    7. Lone A. Hansen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Henning S. Sørensen, Per Rosenberg, Klaus Hjuler, Kim Dam-Johansen
      Pages 341-356
  5. Case Studies in Conventional and Advanced Plant

    1. Karin Laursen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Ole Hede Larsen
      Pages 357-366
    2. Karin H. Andersen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Peter F. B. Hansen, Kim Dam-Johansen
      Pages 367-381
    3. Timm Heinzel, Jörg Maier, Hartmut Spliethoff, Klaus R. G. Hein, Werner Cleve
      Pages 383-404
    4. Rainer Backman, Mikko Hupa, Bengt-Johan Skrifvars
      Pages 405-416
    5. Shen Xianglin, Chen Ying, Liu Haibin
      Pages 433-440
    6. Alexander N. Alekhnovich, Natalja V. Artemjeva, Vladimir V. Bogomolov, Vyacheslav I. Shchelokov, Vasilij G. Petukhov
      Pages 455-469
    7. Alexander N. Alekhnovich, Vladimir V. Bogomolov, Natalja V. Artemjeva, Vladimir E. Gladkov
      Pages 471-483
  6. Studies at Rig Scale (Including Corrosion)

    1. Alien L. Robinson, Steven G. Buckley, Gian Sclippa, Larry L. Baxter
      Pages 485-496
    2. Elliott P. Doane, Murray F. Abbott
      Pages 497-512
    3. Keijo Salmenoja, Mikko Hupa, Rainer Backman
      Pages 513-523
    4. Terttaliisa Lind, Esko I. Kauppinen, George Sfiris, Kristina Nilsson, Willy Maenhaut
      Pages 541-553
    5. Antero Moilanen, Esa Kurkela, Jaana Laatikainen-Luntama
      Pages 555-567
    6. Deirdre Belle-Oudry, David C. Dayton
      Pages 569-579
    7. Gary Bryant, Christopher Bailey, Hongwei Wu, Angus McLennan, Brian Stanmore, Terry Wall
      Pages 581-594
  7. Develpments in Advanced Coal Technologies

    1. Kenichi Fujii, Masamitsu Suda, Tadayoshi Muramatsu, Masahiro Hara
      Pages 609-619
    2. Tsuyoshi Teramae, Toru Yamashita, Takashi Ando
      Pages 621-634
    3. Alexandra Grebenkov, Anatoli Iakoushev, Larry Baxter, Dave Allen, Helle Junker, Jørn Roed
      Pages 635-643
    4. John M. Stencel, John L. Schaefer, Heng Ban, TianXiang Li, James K. Neathery
      Pages 645-651
    5. Makoto Takai, Masahiro Hara
      Pages 653-661

About this book


This book contains papers presented at the Engineering Foundation Conference on mineral matter in fuels held on November 2-7, 1997 in Kona, Hawaii. The conference is one of a continuing series that was initiated by the CEGB Mar- wood Engineering Laboratories in 1963. The conference was to be eventually organised by the Engineering Foundation as the need for multi-disciplinary work related to c- trolling ash effects in combustors became apparent. The conference covers both the science and the applications. The papers also present case histories, particularly for current fuel technologies, developments in advanced technologies for power generation and mathematical modelling of these processes. Developments since 1963 have been slow, but steady, due to the complexity of the chemical and physical processes involved. However, the research presented here displays great improvement in our understanding of the mechanisms by which mineral matter will influence fuel use. Steve Benson from EERC presented a review and current status of issues related to ash deposition in coal combustion and gasification. The application of new analytical tools, which have been detailed in the previous conferences, is presented. These include CCSEM, as well as new techniques for char- terising sintering of ash, such as TMA, image analysis, X-ray diffraction crystallography and thermal analysis. The new analytical techniques were extended to encompass widely differing fuels such as biomass. Ole H Larsen from ELSAM Denmark presented a review of these advanced techniques.


coal combustion corrosion fuel power systems

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  • R. P. Gupta
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  • T. F. Wall
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  • L. Baxter
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  1. 1.CRC for Black Coal UtilisationUniversity of NewcastleAustralia
  2. 2.Sandia National LaboratoriesLivermore

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