Trade-Offs in Analog Circuit Design

The Designer’s Companion

  • Chris Toumazou
  • George Moschytz
  • Barrie Gilbert
  • Ganesh Kathiresan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxv
  2. Design Methodology

    1. Chris Toumazou
      Pages 1-6
    2. Barrie Gilbert
      Pages 7-74
  3. General Performance

    1. Andrey V. Mezhiba, Eby G. Friedman
      Pages 75-114
    2. Tor Sverre Lande
      Pages 115-137
    3. Arie van Staveren, Michiel H. L. Kouwenhoven, Wouter A. Serdijn, Chris J. M. Verhoeven
      Pages 139-167
    4. Scott K. Burgess, John Choma Jr.
      Pages 169-206
    5. Alison J. Burdett, Chris Toumazou
      Pages 207-226
    6. Robert G. Meyer
      Pages 227-256
    7. Arie van Staveren, Michiel H. L. Kouwenhoven, Wouter A. Serdijn, Chris J. M. Verhoeven
      Pages 257-282
    8. Eric A. Vittoz, Yannis P. Tsividis
      Pages 283-313
  4. Filters

    1. Robert Fox
      Pages 341-354
    2. Emmanuel M. Drakakis, Alison J. Burdett
      Pages 355-405
  5. Switched Circuits

    1. A. Rodríguez-Vázquez, M. Delgado-Restituto, R. Domínguez-Castro, F. Medeiro, J. M. de la Rosa
      Pages 407-441
    2. Andrea Baschirotto
      Pages 443-459
    3. Kritsapon Leelavattananon, Chris Toumazou
      Pages 461-489
    4. John Hughes, Apisak Worapishet
      Pages 491-515
  6. Oscillators

    1. Donhee Ham
      Pages 517-549
    2. Ali Hajimiri
      Pages 551-589
  7. Data Converters

    1. Georges Gielen, Jan Vandenbussche, Geert Van der Plas, Walter Daems, Anne Van den Bosch, Michiel Steyaert et al.
      Pages 591-612
    2. Georges Gielen, Erik Lauwers
      Pages 613-629
    3. Richard Schreier, Jesper Steensgaard, Gabor C. Temes
      Pages 631-663
  8. Transceivers

    1. Mark Forbes
      Pages 697-722
    2. Nianxiong Nick Tan
      Pages 723-746
    3. Michiel H. L. Kouwenhoven, Arie van Staveren, Wouter A. Serdijn, Chris J. M. Verhoeven
      Pages 747-785
    4. Ganesh Kathiresan, Chris Toumazou
      Pages 787-819
    5. Shenggao Li, Mohammed Ismail
      Pages 821-842
    6. Chung Kei Thomas Chan, Steve Hung-Lung Tu, Chris Toumazou
      Pages 843-882
  9. Neural Processing

    1. Martin Hänggi, Radu Dogaru, Leon O. Chua
      Pages 883-921
  10. Analog CAD

  11. Back Matter
    Pages 1033-1048

About this book


As the frequency of communication systems increases and the dimensions of transistors are reduced, more and more stringent performance requirements are placed on analog circuits. This is a trend that is bound to continue for the foreseeable future and while it does, understanding performance trade-offs will constitute a vital part of the analog design process. It is the insight and intuition obtained from a fundamental understanding of performance conflicts and trade-offs, that ultimately provides the designer with the basic tools necessary for effective and creative analog design.
Trade-offs in Analog Circuit Design, which is devoted to the understanding of trade-offs in analog design, is quite unique in that it draws together fundamental material from, and identifies interrelationships within, a number of key analog circuits. The book covers ten subject areas: Design methodology, Technology, General Performance, Filters, Switched Circuits, Oscillators, Data Converters, Transceivers, Neural Processing, and Analog CAD. Within these subject areas it deals with a wide diversity of trade-offs ranging from frequency-dynamic range and power, gain-bandwidth, speed-dynamic range and phase noise, to tradeoffs in design for manufacture and IC layout. The book has by far transcended its original scope and has become both a designer's companion as well as a graduate textbook. An important feature of this book is that it promotes an intuitive approach to understanding analog circuits by explaining fundamental relationships and, in many cases, providing practical illustrative examples to demonstrate the inherent basic interrelationships and trade-offs.
Trade-offs in Analog Circuit Design draws together 34 contributions from some of the world's most eminent analog circuits-and-systems designers to provide, for the first time, a comprehensive text devoted to a very important and timely approach to analog circuit design.


CMOS Phase VLSI analog analog circuit design analog design circuit design communication communication systems computer-aided design (CAD) filter integrated circuit layout modeling transistor

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  • George Moschytz
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  • Barrie Gilbert
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  • Ganesh Kathiresan
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