Cryocoolers 10

  • R. G. RossJr.

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Government Cryocooler Development and Test Programs

    1. D. S. Glaister, M. Donabedian, D. G. T. Curran, T. Davis
      Pages 1-19
    2. Thomas M. Davis, John Reilly, B. J. Tomlinson
      Pages 21-32
    3. B.J. Tomlinson, A. Gilbert, J. Bruning
      Pages 33-42
  3. Stirling Cryocooler Developments

    1. W.J. Gully, H. Carrington, W. Kiehl, Thom Davis, B.J. Thomlinson
      Pages 59-65
    2. A.H. Orlowska, T. W. Bradshaw, S. Scull, B. J. Tomlinson
      Pages 67-76
    3. V.T. Arkhipov, V.N. Lubchenko, L.V. Povstyany, H. Stears
      Pages 87-94
    4. D.T. Kuo, A.S. Loc, S.W.K. Yuan
      Pages 105-110
  4. Pulse Tube Cryocooler Developments

    1. R.G. Ross Jr., D.L. Johnson, S.A. Collins, K. Green, H. Wickman
      Pages 119-128
    2. B. J. Tomlinson, D. Davidson, C. Lanes, W. Burt, A. Gilbert
      Pages 129-138
    3. C.K. Chan, T. Nguyen, R. Colbert, J. Raab, R.G. Ross Jr., D.L. Johnson
      Pages 139-147
    4. Y. Hiratsuka, Y. M. Kang, Y. Matsubara
      Pages 149-155
    5. V. Kotsubo, J.R. Olson, T. C. Nast
      Pages 157-161
    6. J.R. Olson, V. Kotsubo, P.J. Champagne, T.C. Nast
      Pages 163-170
    7. V. Kotsubo, J.R. Olson, P. Champagne, B. Williams, B. Clappier, T. C. Nast
      Pages 171-179
    8. J.L. Martin, J.A. Corey, C.M. Martin
      Pages 181-189
  5. Pulse Tube Cryocooler configuration Investigations

    1. Y. L. Ju, Y. Zhou, J. T. Liang, W. X. Zhu
      Pages 197-204
    2. J. T. Liang, J. H. Yang, W. X. Zhu, Y. Zhou, Y. L. Ju
      Pages 205-211
    3. S. Fujimoto, Y.M. Kang, Y. Matsubara
      Pages 213-220
    4. G.R. Chandratilleke, Y. Ohtani, H. Nakagome, K. Mimura, N. Yoshimura, Y. Matsubara et al.
      Pages 221-226
    5. N. Yoshimura, S. L. Zhou, Y. Matsubara, G. R. Chandratilleke, Y. Ohtani, H. Nakagome et al.
      Pages 227-232
    6. L.W. Yang, J.T. Liang, Y. Zhou, J.J. Wang
      Pages 233-238
    7. Matthew P. Mitchell, Drazen Fabris, B. J. Tomlinson
      Pages 257-264
    8. I. Rühlich, H. Quack
      Pages 265-274
    9. H. E. Chen, J. M. Bennett, S. Yoshida, A. Le, T. H. K. Frederking
      Pages 275-280
  6. Pulse Tube Flow and Operational Stability Investigations

    1. L. Duband, I. Charles, A. Ravex, L. Miquet, C. Jewell
      Pages 281-290
    2. V. Kotsubo, P. Huang, T. C. Nast
      Pages 299-305
    3. J.R. Olson, G.W. Swift
      Pages 307-313
    4. G. W. Swift, M. S. Allen, J. J. Wollan
      Pages 315-320
    5. Yoshikazu Hozumi, Masahide Murakami, Teruhito Iida
      Pages 321-328
    6. M. Shiraishi, N. Nakamura, K. Takamatsu, M. Murakami, A. Nakano
      Pages 329-336
    7. L.W. Yang, J.T. Liang, Y. Zhou, P.S. Zhang, W.X. Zhu, J.H. Cai
      Pages 337-342
    8. J. L. Hall, R. G. Ross Jr.
      Pages 343-350
  7. Pulse Tube Modeling and Diagnostic Measurements

About this book


Cryocoolers 10 is the premier archival publication of the latest advances and performance of small cryogenic refrigerators designed to provide localized cooling for military, space, semi-conductor, medical, computing, and high-temperature superconductor cryogenic applications in the 2-200 K temperature range. Composed of papers written by leading engineers and scientists in the field, Cryocoolers 10 reports the most recent advances in cryocooler development, contains extensive performance test results and comparisons, and relates the latest experience in integrating cryocoolers into advanced applications.


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