Psychoenvironmental Forces in Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Lorand B. Szalay
  • Jean Bryson Strohl
  • Kathleen T. Doherty

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introduction: Tracing Dispositions Affecting the Use of Harmful Substances

    1. Pages 1-18
  3. The Assessment of Internal Dispositions Through Comparative Imaging

  4. The Assessment of Vulnerability/Resistance Through Cognitive Mapping

  5. Tracing the Effects of Background and Lifestyle on the Use of Harmful Substances

  6. Tracing Environmental Influences Cultural and Social

  7. Applications: Diagnostics, Program Planning, and Evaluation

  8. The Latest Developments and Future Perspectives

  9. Back Matter
    Pages 315-360

About this book


Psychological vulnerabilities and environment influences are the most powerful forces shaping the behavior and choices of students to use harmful substances. This book employs computer-assisted Associative Group Analysis technology of comparative imaging and cognitive mapping to identify these factors and offers new perspectives for more comprehensive risk assessments and effective prevention.


assessment behavior prevention

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  • Lorand B. Szalay
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  • Jean Bryson Strohl
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  • Kathleen T. Doherty
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  1. 1.Institute of Comparative Social and Cultural Studies, Inc.Chevy Chase
  2. 2.Gettysburg CollegeGettysburg

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