Neurobehavior of Language and Cognition

Studies of Normal Aging and Brain Damage

  • Lisa Tabor Connor
  • Loraine K. Obler

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Language in Healthy Adults

    1. Mira Goral, Loraine K. Obler, Elizabeth Galletta
      Pages 23-42
  3. Language in Brain Damage: Dementia

    1. Marie-Claire Goldblum, Catherine Tzortzis, Thèrése Jahchan, François Boller
      Pages 45-59
    2. David Caplan, Gloria Waters
      Pages 61-76
    3. Guila Glosser, Victor W. Henderson
      Pages 77-91
  4. Language in Brain Damage: Aphasia

    1. Nancy Helm-Estabrooks
      Pages 95-108
    2. Margaret A. Naeser, Errol H. Baker, Carole L. Palumbo, Marjorie Nicholas, Michael P. Alexander, Ranji Samaraweera et al.
      Pages 117-140
    3. Edgar Zurif, Maria Piñango
      Pages 141-147
    4. Yutaka Tanaka, David L. Bachman
      Pages 159-176
  5. Understanding Cognitive Functioning Through Brain Damage

    1. Marlene Oscar-Bemian, Haline E. Schendan
      Pages 213-240
    2. Hiram Brownell, Andrew Stringfellow
      Pages 241-258
    3. Kenneth M. Heilman, Anna M. Barrett, John C. Adair
      Pages 259-268
    4. André Roch Lecours, Marie-Josèphe Tainturier, Sonia Lupien
      Pages 269-297
  6. Neurobehavioral Assessment

    1. Rhea Diamond, Roberta F. White, Maxine Krengel, Karen Lindem, Robert G. Feldman, Carole Palumbo et al.
      Pages 359-380
    2. Janice E. Knoefel, John C. Adair
      Pages 381-389
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 391-401

About this book


This volume has been composed as an appreciation of Martin L. Albert in the year of his 60th birthday. At least one contributor to each paper in this volume has been touched by Marty in some way; lie has mentored some, been a fellow student with some, and been a colleague to most. These contributors, as well as many others, view Marty as a gifted scientist and a wonderful human being. The breadth of his interests and intellectual pursuits is truly impressive; this breadth is reflected, only in part. by the diversity of the papers in this volume. His interests have ranged from psychopharmacology to cross-cultural understanding of dementia, through the aphasias, to the history of the fields that touch on behavioral neurology, especially neurology per se, cognitive psychology, speech-language pathology, and linguistics. Throughout his scholarly work, Martha Taylor Sarno notes, Marty never loses the human perspective, e. g. , the “powerfully disabling effect on the individual person” with aphasia or other neurological disorder. For those readers who only how a portion of his work, we thought that we should describe him here. Many of the people whom Marty has influenced have been able to contribute to this volume. We have invited some others who were unable to contribute to express their appreciation for him, as well.


Cognitive Neuroscience Memory Neurology Neuroscience Parkinson Rehabilitation language neuropsychology

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