Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology

  • Patricia B. Sutker
  • Henry E. Adams

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Issues in Psychopathology

    1. Henry E. Adams, Kristen A. Luscher, Jeffrey A. Bernat
      Pages 3-28
    2. Sol L. Garfield
      Pages 29-51
    3. Soo Hyun Rhee, Jessica L. Bar, Sarah A. Feigon, Yukiharu Hadeishi, Irwin D. Waldman
      Pages 53-84
    4. Jeanne L. Tsai, James N. Butcher, Ricardo F. Muñoz, Kelly Vitousek
      Pages 105-127
  3. Neurotic and Psychotic Disorders

    1. Ronald M. Rapee, David H. Barlow
      Pages 131-154
    2. Samuel M. Turner, Deborah C. Beidel, Nancy Heiser, Melinda A. Stanley
      Pages 155-182
    3. John A. Fairbank, Lori Ebert, Juesta M. Caddell
      Pages 183-209
    4. Tony Iezzi, Melanie P. Duckworth, Henry E. Adams
      Pages 211-258
    5. John F. Kihlstrom
      Pages 259-276
    6. Lynn P. Rehm, Alisha L. Wagner, Carolyn Ivens-Tyndal
      Pages 277-308
    7. Brendan A. Maher
      Pages 309-339
    8. Brendan A. Maher, Patricia J. Deldin
      Pages 341-370
    9. Franz Schneider, Patricia J. Deldin
      Pages 371-402
    10. Charles A. Sanislow, Robert C. Carson
      Pages 403-441
  4. Personality Disorders

    1. Patricia B. Sutker, Albert N. Allain Jr.
      Pages 445-490
    2. Henry E Adams, Jeffrey A. Bernat, Kristen A. Luscher
      Pages 491-507
    3. Thomas A. Widiger, Robert F. Bornstein
      Pages 509-531
  5. Disorders Associated with Social and Situational Problems

    1. Michael B. Miller, J. David Useda, Timothy J. Trull, Rachel M. Burr, Christa Minks-Brown
      Pages 535-557
    2. Susan F. Tapert, Susan R. Tate, Sandra A. Brown
      Pages 559-594
    3. Peter E. Nathan, Anne Helene Skinstad, Sara Dolan
      Pages 595-622
    4. Arthur I. Alterman, Charles P. O’Brien, A. Thomas McLellan, James R. McKay
      Pages 623-640
    5. Donald A. Williamson, Nancy L. Zucker, Corby K. Martin, Monique A. M. Smeets
      Pages 641-670
    6. Richard R. Bootzin, Peter L. Franzen, Rachel Manber, Derek H. Loewy, Tracy F. Kuoa
      Pages 671-711
    7. Victor J. Malatesta, Henry E. Adams
      Pages 713-748
    8. Richard D. McAnulty, Joel Dillon, Henry E. Adams
      Pages 749-773
  6. Disorders Associated with Physical Trauma and Medical Illness

    1. Phillip J. Brantley, Steven C. Ames
      Pages 777-795
    2. Richard L. Gibson, Earl A. Burch
      Pages 797-811
    3. Steven A. Castellon, Charles H. Hinkin, Paul Satz
      Pages 813-840
    4. William C. Heindel, David P. Salmon
      Pages 841-878
  7. Disorders Arising in Specific Life Stages

    1. Paul J. Frick, Persephanie Silverthorn
      Pages 881-920
    2. Jane E. Fisher, Antonette M. Zeiss, Laura L. Carstensen
      Pages 921-951
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 953-970

About this book


The purpose of this handbook, originally published in 1984, was to provide a compreh- sive review of current clinical descriptions, research , and theories of psychopathology. Descriptive psychopathology is a ?eld that forms the foundation of clinical practice and research in clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric social work, psychiatric nursing, and allied professions in mental health. Since the 1st edition, the editors have devised and updated a handbook to cover both general and speci?c topics in psychopathology that would be useful to researchers, practitioners, and graduate or other advanced students in the mental health and behavioral medicine professions. To implement this plan, we have very carefully chosen colleagues whom we respect for their expertise in particular ?elds. These authors include both clinicians and researchers who have outstanding national reputations, as well as more junior behavioral scientists and clinicians who, in our opinion, will achieve similar recognition in the future. The excellent chapters in this book lead us to believe that we have chosen wisely. We would like to express our appreciation to these authors for their outstanding contributions and cooperation.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Patricia B. Sutker
    • 1
  • Henry E. Adams
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Tulane University School of MedicineNew Orleans
  2. 2.University of GeorgiaAthens

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